Granny event confirmed?

Here’s a tweet by RR2

"Here’s a little tip on what our next event will be about: It starts with “G” and ends with “ranny”.

Gboost your Offenceranny!

Gargoyle tyranny?


But seriously, if its not granny, some people will be seriously angry as the “word is on the street” now.

When I tweeted back if its granny event there’s reply -

"@titanka08 We have many more secrets to reveal.


Gems scranny?


Gold in every nook and cranny :lol:


I think that was too the other part of your tweet: “Looks like the king will be updated too” > “We have many more secrets to reveal.”

^^ That’s might be right :stuck_out_tongue:

What’s good about granny event? Only gear worth getting is worth gems not gold. You get cheaper spins but that’s still gems. The events where it only cost gold to get things are my favourite personally

In the other thread, it was mentioned that after about 15-20 rerolls we would get legendary items for gold. So, its good to find rare legendary items like belts, ring (we do get this items but only few times as a legendary) for golds. Ofcourse we have to spend a few gems to get it.

Event in november i swapped out all my gear for legendary items bought with gold I might have spent 200-300 gems for rerolling…

But thats not even the gem price of buying 1 legendary item for gold :stuck_out_tongue:

I will try it out this time buddy :wink:

Me too :wink:

Has anyone confirmed the legendaries for gold concept?  I have 3 accounts and I have never seen granny offer a legendary for gold on any of them.  I just rolled about 20 times and did not see a single legendary for gold.

^^ I will try rerolling 20 times too latter today lets see what do i get.

Hey, After scrolling 20 times I got 1 legendary items for gold (previous were for gems). I spend around 42 gems for reroll bt got only two legendary items for gold. So I dnt think the trick works anymore.

Yeah it’s very rare to get good items for gold now I rerolled so much :slightly_frowning_face:

Haha, even though I wasted 45 gems I didn’t bought anything

“items get better” they say. Pile of [explicit]!!! Rerolled a load of times and got one thing worth getting. Other than that the rip offs are still there and yes the rolls are cheaper but in no way do they get better. After around 20 rolls I got a COMMON item and I’m getting so many that are worse than what I have. Why would anyone anywhere at all but gear worse than what they have already for gems or pearls??

there are no more the old legendary spins of long time ago where you could get in 1 spin 6 legendary items, now I saw max 2 legendary items every spin lol

42 rerolls, no legendary for gold. After 25 or so almost no legendary items any more.

Nothing really outstanding. Only 40% rebate for the top left item? Has anybody seen 60% ?