Granny Event - stolen 2 hours !!


Another misinformation and of course “cheating” us players. The event started at 19 CET. It was supposed to last until Friday 19 … and it ends at 17 CET …



Not much use of this events


No problm with that 

Just for scrolling granny

I’m not sure because I don’t care about these events anymore…

But I think that it was supposed to end yesterday and it was rerun by mistake…

i wouldn’t complain this time! 

It is good to open Golden UBER · Chest for this event.

I also want an event with an experience value of 200%.That event became really active.

I still don’t have uber items with pal bonus perk for all pals yet, so I think this was one of the better events lately. This time it was an item with Eldrak boost perk. :slight_smile:  

Nice ??

Go for it.