Granny "FREE" item bug?

what is this “Free” grayed slot???

it happened to me 2 times in the past few days 
after buying some random items just to melt in blacksmith granny’s shop suddenly shows a slot saying “free” but when i click on it the game just crashes and closes
and when i restart it the “free” slot is gone and replaced by a normal item.

is this “free” slot just an error or is there something else supposed to happen when clicking on it?




It’s the bug called “Fog”…I think it’s a hint to the new Fog Spell, the hint being that you can’t do anything after you’ve clicked it :lol:. Anyway, you should report this to the support team

Its happens,  not only to u, 

Just don’t click that free, 

its a very old bug never been fixed. If some encounter this after many reroll. Don’t click on it. To avoid freeze and crash