Granny scam lol

Is this buying worthy! At least buying with gems should give good item or change items cost to gold with value 

NOTE : Granny never sells her best item even if u spend gems ?

It`s like investing in Bitcoins these days …

I would be interested to know if anybody actually buys items for gems (without it being an accident) or pearls.

I can’t really imagine that anyone is interested in that nowadays. For this particular reason, I would like to see the offers in gems plus pearls removed from granny. 

I used to occasionally buy weapons for gold so I could melt them when my treasure chamber was full and all workers were doing something. Exchange rate wasn’t great but it was better than spending the 2-3 minutes battling for maybe a weapon to melt

Question about not gold spending  items question about gems spending items 

Oh, my bad. Yeah no one buys her stuff with gems. Purple weapons should be 5-8 gems max and greens should only be 1 or 2

Question about not gold spending  items.  question about gems spending items

So can we conclude that those items for gems and pearls are obsolete? So remaining question for flare is why they still show up in the list? Replace them by items for gold. 

That someone spends his complete treasure room on buying items without a re-spin (for a gem) would not hurt. 

I remember I bought  item for gems from granny events when I was very low level player then I regret it. 

Yeah, I bought shoulder pads with gems when I was first in the game. But that is the only time that Granny is useful in the game. The only reason those items are sitting in the shop, is that they are just waiting to be accidentally bought. It’s been a very long time since I’ve bought something from Granny. Even her gold prices can be awful

I don’t have a problem with items for gold. At least you can get around 24 pearls per M gold. Sometimes when I don’t have time to raid, I use granny and buy items for gold. Especially when nothing is left to upgrade, what else you need to spend your gold on?

Blacksmith has no option at the moment to convert gold into pearls, and we also can’t do extra donations with it. So only option left is to buy items. 

at low level you need items fast. So Granny is useful until level 20 maybe. After you get them for free in Chamber of Fortune or in chest. So no its useless and stupid to buy items who are at 80 gems when you can get more powerful stuffs via Uber Chest or in free chest. I don’t see why someone should waste gems on this. At low or medium level you need all gems to unlock the 3rd spells and 3rd units after unlock worker,upgrade Alliance Tower,unlock melt slots,etc…

Its a long time we have tell to Flare to change Granny shop buy Uber item at 50 gems or legendary items at 4 Millions. Something worth it and not useless stuffs

I would never spend gems with that wench. In the past I would buy garbage with gold to melt and also to convert amount of gold down so someone else would not strip it. At this point in game I no longer do that and don’t care who the hell gets the gold that is left over. 

Did you upgrade everything what’s possible? Including all waves, farms, taverns? When the answer is yes, even then I would go for buying items and convert them into pearls. Since my last wave is going upwards and everything except my AT is maxed (will do that next AP), I don’t need gold for upgrades. Still I do something useful with it. I buy items and convert them into pearls. 

Did you unlock all blacksmith slots? When the answer is no, I advice you to focus on that, it’s priority one. In fact pearls are very important, you need them to forge everything you use. The gap between forged and unforged stuff make a complete different world. Spells and troops forged up to 30-40% stronger on three stats make a huge difference, but that’s not everything. In defense it’s really a game changer. It make difference between successfully defending or not in a lot of situations. Once your hero level is above 111, you can also start to forge items. 

Count this all up and you know you need tons of pearls. And for getting those you must have a maxed blacksmith with all slots unlocked. Not only the same items give more pearls, they also are converted faster. 

The idea of having all blacksmith slots is to be able to forge as many things simultaneously. And for that you need a good source of items, to provide the pearls you need. 

I for example forge all my skull perks once a week, which needs 5K pearls worst case. Once in two weeks I forge all my towers (10k) and weekly I forge some troops and spells. I forget of course the forging of some items. On a weekly base I nowadays need 8-10k pearls per week. Without those items, I would never get that amount of pearls. Top players need even much more. Reason for simultaneous forging is that after a forge there is a cooldown and for many stuff this means 7-8 days waiting. Now… forge every stat at least 30 times and it takes already close to 2 years before your stuff is well forged. So that’s why it’s important to forge whatever you can as soon as it’s available again to forge. 

The ninja event plus pro league simply won’t give you enough pearls to forge everything you need.

As soon as you have unlocked all blacksmith slots, you know what I mean. From chests and cof you simply don’t get enough items that can be converted into pearls. Even when I raid with my luck gear, it still takes a while before I filled up all blacksmith slots. Melting down items should be a constant process. Especially when you don’t need gold for upgrade

I don’t know if its because of the change with Server update of today. Granny have offer really awesome stuffs right now

Allow me to pass 950 Leadership and 7.9% Gold to 1,116 Leadership and 8.5% Gold for 998K

i was stunned just after I got for 1.2M a amazing Helmet with 9.1% scream. The best 2M gold invest in the game right now



End of this Topic thanks all ??

@Warriornator which level are you?

@orko Right now level 51


OK, that would explain why my Granny gives me so much better items then you. gg