Granny Shop Closing Down

I think it’s time that Granny’s Shop needs to close,  let’s put her out of her misery.  

Her shop is now pointless, with Uber items no one is going in there anymore other than to waste excess gold,  she is just like Blockbuster Video Stores her time has passed.

Where her shop is it’s now becoming a Ghetto area of my Castle.

The Tavern out back of Grannys stays open a little later then it should, I’ve logged on and caught groups of Archers doing drugs near there,  they tell me they’re getting “Boosted”,   and recently  I have noticed the Blonde Princess character hanging out on the corner of the path near there and that’s just a step too far.   

Granny has never had any dignity so at least she won’t lose that,  but come on Flare its time to just let her burn down the shop,  claim insurance and go to Vegas or Palm Springs. 

…not completely.
Useful for beginners, and when your treasure house is full and the workers busy …


I use the Grandma store :slight_smile:

She is useful at the beginning… She could be the Chest Guardian and that’s all.

Granny’s Shop is still very useful to farm pearls.

I shop there all the time!

Only buying thihgs n to melt…

But with only 8 workers I n have way more gold n than I can spend!