Granny should accept voucher and crystals

Hello Guys

I actually want to share with all something that I have in my mind for a long time.

Grandma gives us all kinds of weapons and equipment. sometimes nice but the price on offer is ridiculous.

but we have to pay everything we buy with gold and diamonds.

I think it should not be limited to gold and diamonds when you buy something.

?  Grandma should accept the voucher and crystal in sales.

Thanks ?


We can buy items there with vouchers, but only the best ones.
Nothing in Granny’s Store is worth crystals, it’s mostly a place to buy items just to be melted and turned into pearls.

What’s with that topic title tho?

yes you are right but for beginners i think it is very ideal.

Ahh, you are right about this, but let’s follow the logic of this. Crystals can buy Pro Chests which will, in turn, get you pearls. So, it would make sense  

I like Pro-crystals being exclusive to Pro-Shop, it even helps beginners not to spend precious currency on things that are not really worth it, aka anything in Granny’s Shop ?

And if we the goal is to use crystals to either buy stronger items or just to get some pearls, we can use them on Pro-Shop for that.