Granny VS Blacksmith event coming soon

What will it be ?

surely something to retrain the granny system, therefore maybe items you buy from granny give more pearls and maybe you pay just gold to buy them.

PLEASE don’t mix 30% less value items in granny shop with blacksmith meltdown.

That will devalue the whole blacksmith idea!

As long as there are 12 hour cool downs and triple pearls I am cool. 

You won’t get triple pearls, if they combine it as described.
You will get only double pearls … that’s bad.

Double is better than none.

Oh you know this will happen. Granny event was bad because of this. Add this ■■■■■■ “feature” and you will destroy the blacksmith event.

Real question is. Does it start tomorrow or details will be annoinced tomorrow? ?

We will have 50% off the 50% for the inventory slots. So they will cost 375 gems instead of the 250 gems value :wink:

I’m really hoping for a good discount of BS slots. A 40% or 50% would be awesome!

What if we merge the 100% useful blacksmith event with the 100% sh*t granny event? Guess what…


I’m pessimist on that side. I think we will get 20% instead of 30%.

Blacksmith + Granny? Oh for flare’s sake… :angry:


But wait, maybe it’s Blacksmith’s Granny, not Useless Granny. Super-Uber-Pro Pearl Boosts? (get real, Fizz)

That’s exacly my thoughts… gonna add some useless Shit from granny to smith so they can nerf something good lol

Is there somebody out there, who thinks Granny is useful? I had this idea two years ago to remove Granny and place a defensive Catapult there instead …

Granny event is useful to get uberchests when 1 of your alliance members buys a gem pack  :grinning:

Blacksmith event usually start after Nīnja event when we got a lot of pearls from it so the event can be more benefiting for us (especially to most of players that haven’t unlocked all their blacksmith slots) - right action.

However, now you said you’ll held it tomorrow after alliance wars?? It was a bad move flare, except you plan to held a community weeks with those as part of it.

Good idea. The items bought from granny can melt into pro crystal  :lol:

Bye bye free game.  Flare can change the game 'pretending free game " into full pay game not for free players.  Who gonna spent gems to other players so they can participate pro league?  In 1 or 2 month this game only excists in full pay player alliances versus some free player alliances, and guess who will win the competitions gems can be earned?

Yes, after a while only the pay players will survive : flare announced today the end off the game.

very expensive to play free games (с)