Granny VS Blacksmith event coming soon

It might be as you say, but no need to jump the gun and get all pessimistic. My thoughts were that you could win free pro league tickets as alliance from participating, and then leader / general can distribute. But lets wait and see.

Obviously in the top alliances many there “pay to win,” some are free - but the thing all have in common is that they know the game / how to play.
Further down, there are many players that pay money, and don’t grow so fast as they don’t play well.

You can grow fast in this game as free player if you know what you are doing, obviously could go faster paying, but I don’t think its hard to grow faster / equivalent than most paid players if you know what you are doing.

Im happy VL would help our free players. We will  make 55+ subs again to let our free players play with gems and not worry about.

So for sure i like this upcoming idea to share pro tickets!

Not every team has the ability to do that unfortunally?.   

If i see the picture right, it is only personalilly you can give tickets, not win as team.  When you are in a team like VL, it is not a problem.  They have subscription buyers enough.

no info about costs and ally lev needed.

you are in LBF, let’s hope you haven’t change it in LMF : last money fighters ??

Have no reason to think about another alliances. They have their own generals and leaders.

I always think only about my family and dnt care others, as i say many times- everyone else can go to hell if he dnt like me or not agree with me ) Only family matter.

Make your alliance stronger

Just 50 players with subs and your alliance will max level in 1 month)

I know, you are right.  But when i spent money on subscription i have to be sure others don’t walk away with the ticket to another ally.  Theoretical you only need 7 subs for everyone can participate pro league.  But nothing is said which ally get the points when changing, if you need unlock every week the boosts or only once and pay for it.  For VL it is more easy to keep members, for other ally you haveabig part who stays but a lot who run after the boosts.

we only know that something new is coming, but nothing about what, how…

The event has already started and NO discount on BS slots :blink:

Yes i dnt know about new rules) will see and will discuss)

About low alliances pain- i understand you very well.

Need big wale in alliance to help(

the picture from flare just says donate tickets, it doesn’t say donate “your” tickets, or where the tickets come from.
I’d say it is not yours personally as many people have already commented it would make everyone make multiple accounts to donate to their main.

Same shit every time

We will see. how is something will going wrong in wars now

is there max forge cd 12 hours? i didnt get a pop up or anything, and there is nothing in announcements


Yes. CD for forge is 12h


We’ve been waiting 2 months for a Blacksmith event, collecting and buying gems. Now we get this half assed event with no discount on blacksmith slots.

This is pretty disapointing. Thanks Flare.


@FTB request to extend event till 4th Dec, usually event starts 1 day after war/ninja and I have timed my forge in that way…now event will end on the day it is supposed to start, wtf ? Pretty sure im not the only one in this situation…very disappointing yet again from FG!

Maybe stop doing things without thinking ? Updating game while PL is running and messing up big time, TWO WEEKS IN A ROW AND NOW THIS ? Three weeks of amateur work, I thought Germans are supposed to be efficient and all that ?

why does not the forging cool down, which was launched before the action? 

That is called bad luck. I started ogre forge this morning, so if I want to profit with ogre, I need to pay gems to get it out of cool down. 

Fortunately, some items and troops are waiting to be forged.

I`m missing the cheaper melt-slots … :wacko:

this is called a defect … if we were warned for a week about the event, everyone would be ready, and it would not be necessary to spend gems.

The event is called BlackSmith vs Granny? - So my question is what does Granny got to do with the event? when this clearly is a BlackSmith Event? and what is with the name? It felt as if there was supposed to be a showdown between both the “BlackSmith” and “Granny” Event?