Granny vs. Blacksmith Event now live!

Greetings Queens & Kings,

Our special Granny vs. Blacksmith Event has now started and will run until December 1st!

Below is the list of bonuses that you get during this event:

  • ALL Uber Chests are 30% cheaper
  • Chances of special UBER items to appear are 25% higher
  • Hero Item Slots Price are 50% cheaper
  • Blacksmith forge Pearl outcome is 3 times higher
  • Blacksmith forge time reduction is 30% lower
  • Blacksmith Pearl upgrades max. cool-down 720 min.
  • More Pearls granted per Gems spent (1 pearl for every 2 gems)
  • Alliance members receive Pearl Chests (content varies) when a member purchases a Gem Pack

Your Royal Revolt 2 team