Granny's a scam that needs to be deleted

title says all and this picture helps too

is granny the only scam part of this game? lol

Granny may not be the only scam but she sure is a blatant one. I suggest a “toss Granny of a cliff” event, or “whack-a-Granny” where you do a whack-a-mole variant with ogres.

There is one important question open: Did you buy it? :huh:


lol, no of course not. There was a better item to be ripped off by. 200 damage with 200 extra damage for 375 gems. Sounds like a good deal to me! lol

Lol you use 375 gems to buy item from granny. It’s better to buy an uber chest, you will find better item from there ???

He was joking. Nobody buys crap from granny for gems these days (and if someone does, please get professional help). That’s the whole point of granny discussions, she serves absolutely no purpose except for the rare cases when you need to get rid of gold quickly and need to melt something.

I agree that Granny should be tossed, but I received a Granny chest a few days ago that had an amazing Uber item in it. Not sure how often these chests are given out - but my player attack went up by about 500. So it’s worth it to me if I get one of those chests once in awhile.

That and the rare opportunity when I actually need to ditch gold as mentioned above. :slight_smile:

Probably you got the Granny-Chest during Granny-Event, when another member of you Ally bought something @OVRSLO.

That was probably it! I was playing non-stop to get my 5th star and kept maxing out my gold so I kept buying Granny items and then melting them down.

How often do Granny events take place? Or does it only happen when you buy stuff? Because I don’t regularly buy stuff. But that Uber item was the best I’ve gotten so far!


The events change from week to week. There is Granny, Alliance, Offense, Defense, Castle, Blacksmith, Collector and some special event from time to time.

Typically there is an event every Wednesday to Friday. Currently the “Boost your Defense” is running.

Yeah and Granny Event should disappear or be changed too, with all the pro items it’s not worthy to spend so many gems in uber chests even with the discount,  the only worthy thing is the discount in hero slots… Maybe they can add discounts in the pro store or in pro tickets during that time…

Granny should sell Pro-Tickets in her back-room.

Buiying normal items through gems or pearls seems a waste, however it’s a good idea adding the possibility to buy super items (unfortunately their level are lower than those of legendary items).