Granny's items, which ones?

As many of us already know the Granny pushes really good offer only when you’re about to liv up or immediately after that and the “goodness” of the item is determined by your hero’s level.


Starting from what i’ve written above… WHICH items are really good to buy? I’m talking about how to raid better so the “gold boost items” are not on the list. To explain better…


Cape… which stats? Leadership + ???

Helm… same as above

Armor and shoulders life + ??? (which resistances are good? Venom? Fire? Cold? or a mix of two of these)



Boots? (maybe here the choice is obvious… wind boots!)


As Gloves and Weapon i’ve already made my choice, one with frost and the other with blunt damage, without a doubt it’s the best combination. But… for the rest of the items?



Thanks for sharing your experience! :slight_smile:

Just my personal preference. ~5300-5500 trophy

Helm leadership/scream boost

Cape leadership/scream boost

Armour/shoulder …Fire/Fire

Ring scream boost

Belt scream boost

Boot wind

I don’t think you should copy my preference, the items you choose should base on your raiding style and your opponent’s defence combo.

If you use scream a lot, and find them always cd, then get more scream boost.

If you want to summon more troops, get leadership.

Which Protection? it is all base on opponent defence, fire protection protect from boost knight, firebolt tower, pyro… Poison protection for snake tower, mortar, mummy… Normal protection for wolf, knigh… Ice protection for boost arb, Forster… For full list damage type, you can check your buildings, boosted unit from alliance tower, normal unit from xxxxx, and tower from xxxx.

Items which I found good are-

Crown with leadership.

Cape with leadership

Armour with fire shield.

Pouldrans with poison shield

Sword with ice damage.

Gloves with blunt damage.

Ring with leadership.

Belt with leadership

Shoes with wind boost.

It depends on where you’re at.

At the higher levels, you’re going to run into a lot of bases with frost damage. And your leadership is already going to be so high that there’ll be no space for any extra units anyway. So at the top, Scream Boost is all that matters.

Until then, it just depends on your raiding style (since numerous styles work at the lower levels). If you need to charge ahead to take down towers with your strong offensive spells, choose Poison Resistance. If you’re the kind to stay behind and support your stronger army with defensive spells, focus on Leadership boosts.


Do you usually find it more useful to use scream boost items instead of leadership boost one when raiding top bases? 


So far I have been only focusing on leadership boost items, skipping some very good scream boosts 15-20%, but always wondered how significantly easier a raid would be for having up to 100% scream boosts (on all permissible items including the boots) Vs leadership boost items and speed boost on boots(my current setting and probably one of the most common on top 300 right now).


Any other high rank player can comment on this too?

Scream boost lets me

  1. run through several ice trap with SB,

  2. it lets my troops run/attack faster,

  3. Ignore the slow effect by froster,

  4. Release stun etc effects on my troops.

Except 1, most benefits from scream need troops. Scream will get my king and my troops run and kill faster (especially a decent size of troops). Without troops, scream just… Benefits from 1 as above.

A decent size of troops is good, but 70% of a decent size of troops with scream is better.

Conclusion, I still need leadership (more troops) to make my scream more effective. My troops need my scream to become stronger.

Do you often stay behind a little bit to let your army build? If not, they can often be picked off one-by-one rather than surviving as an army. I’m not a top player, but I’ve heard that too much leadership starts to give no benefit after a while.

Agree with straw , leadership with scream boost makes raiding easier but I’d go with 3 scream boost items at most , prefer two (belt and ring)

Really thanks for your effort guys :slight_smile:

A very important decision I gotta ask u. Granny selling emblished lion cape. Which is giving 1000 leadership 300 more than I have. 10% boost currently I hav 2.5%. Im lvl 38 now and total leadership is 2689. This cape will take it to 2989

This cape is at 44% discount .And cost me 256 gems. Shud I take it? I unlocked 3rd slots so if its worth the gems and long term then shud I buy it?

Thank u so much. Im able to buy soaring lion belt which will giv 12% scream boost. At highest lvl is ther a better belt then this? It wil cost me 200 gems. If this is the best. Then I might as well buy it