granny's losing her mind

For a long time now granny has been trying to flog me items with stats that are below what I already have.


For instance I’ll buy armour of her with ~5000 hp, then weeks later she’s still trying to sell me armour with 3800 hp. What gives?

I understand people want alterantive secondary stats. But some of the offers are rediculous.


Anyone else experience this and equally frustrated.

She is very old, this is because she doesn’t know what she sell, and every time you spend 1 gems then 2 gems etc… she forget a lot more her mind.

As matter of fact if you don’t do anything, she sleep -> for example during the night and the following day she sell you a legendary item or not?

This is because she “restore” her beautiful mind only for brief time!


And more you get up and more the offers are ridiculous!! There’re weeks and weeks that I have offers with 1 or 2 points above…should I spend 400-500 gems to get 1 point more? Naaaa

I don’t understand this, right now granny is offering me a cape with 400 leadership points less than what I have, for 500k gold


I would prefer it if she was offering me a cape with 400 leadership more for whatever price (2 mil, 3 mil, 4mil, 5mil,) The first offer is so bad it’s not even worth considering.


Maybe it’s time granny was put in a care home.

granny finally pulled out a better sword for me for like 2 mill gold, it wasn’t much better but I figured it was worth the gold as workers are all busy

At the exact time though, I had no gold, so I decided to to go for it.


Wait for it…


I got to 1.6 mill and I got an even better one from the chamber of fortune. So with all this money lying around, I bought it anyway. What is it they say about buses?

The Granny market is designed for you to use gems. Obviously if they wanted to sell you better and better items, the shop would be full of legendary items by now. But it’s not. They want you to spend gems to find those legendaries (;