Granny's Shop direct melt button

Can we please have a button to directly send items bought on Granny’s Shop to be melted? (since that’s currently the only function for Granny’s Shop anyways!)

So we don’t need to always keep an inventory slot empty just to able to keep buying things to melt!

Yeah, might as well.

Or we could just get rid of middlemen and have blacksmith sell pearls. :stuck_out_tongue: (yeah, that would turn the entire game economy on it’s head. But in the end this is what it comes down to)

Who use Granny? Seriously? I don’t think this is useful anyway

Hmmm everyone who wants to collect pearls, maybe? ?
Isn’t that the reason why we pay so much to unlock Blacksmith’s slots and have the melt down function in game?

To farm pearls we need to buy items and melt them, and to buy items we need to use the Granny Shop.
How do you farm your pearls??

By looting other players` chamber of fortune.

Invest in luck gear (and combine it with farm perks) & raid open bases to fill your blacksmith in no time.

That’s indeed a fast way. When you have some time however, farm gear is a good alternative. I use 5 out of 6 farm perks and replaced my farm ring by heal aura, to make raids more successful. I use 50 bread per raid (with full farm gear 17) and make a lot of gold with it. For 1M gold you can get 24 pearls (ok, melting the item itself also costs gold), so this way it’s also doable.

Having said that, luck gear is fastest way to fill all blacksmith slots. As a bonus, you also can gain some pearls directly from third chest.  

Using gear that don’t add any strength (farm/lucky/xp perks) makes the hero a lot weaker, which for me means impossible raids like 90% of the time after last balance changes ?
and I find it really boring raiding/having to search for open/low lvl bases to raid, plus it doesn’t help training and developing our skills.

I know a lot of people do that but I just prefer my way of farming pearls, I also get more trophies, more medals, more xp, more practice… then if I was using lucky gear to farm Chamber of Fortune on weak bases.

Having that said, my suggestion of direct melt down function would be really helpful because then we would not have to keep an empty inventory slot just to receive the items we want to melt before sending them to Blacksmith slots, which doesn’t really make sense, like even Chamber of Fortune used to be!