Granny's Shop Remodification

That’s pelasant to know… It must be my level then… I will work hard on my level to get those items… :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face: Thank for sharing @EDz… I actually posted this to know if my level had anything to do with the shop…

You’re welcome. Not sure it’s because lvl or what, maybe just random.

yes, it’s random… But the randomness is somehow linked to level as well, IMO… everything in this game is linked to level and it completely makes sense…

Don’t knock luck too much on that Granny uber item lol. Luck and Hans are a good grind way to get a bit more of the stuff most of you say you want from the COF. You do need a lot of luck to make it work and to fight people you can win against to make it effective. The true bonus is only available by clicking on the luck stat on the hero page. Stat has been changed for some time, and I don’t know if the wiki ever caught up. Should see a few k in pearls pretty easy in your normal raiding if you get there between COF opens and meltdowns.

How to use it, you want around 80% increased odds, or as close as you can get (true bonus). About 150% on armor stats will get you there. Can be and probably will need to be done through mostly pro items. Some ubers to fill in the gaps are Prospector Armor (chest), Drum (cape), Fenir’s Tooth, or Royal Flush (weapon). The pro bonus does very little, so you can largely ignore it in favor of items actually containing luck as a perk.

Note: You will never/almost never get tokens or gems from this type of luck, just not likely to happen without spending some first.

It’s a small tweak but when buying items from granny, it would be nice if you could add a 2nd button that will buy & melt the item with a single click (e.g. it gets purchased and sent directly to the blacksmith). I’m pretty sure that every item I’ve bought from granny over the last several years has been for the purpose of melting. This would make that process a bit easier.


*trifling question

GRAMMY is a master of kung fu, isn’t it?
Shaolin Temple
Temple monk kempo
Or Chinese kung fu,

It is written in Shaolin’s instructor and explanation



If GRAMMY is a Shorinji instructor, wouldn’t the training better suit the career than the appraisal and sale of weapons picked up in the dungeon?

A person whose settings are such that he can fix the weapons who has picked up, evaluate them, and price them. I think this is this person out of three of the characters in RR2.