Graphics Quality with big Q

Today I played the game in “Low” quality. 5 minutes. I could not for more. The game looks brilliant. Just worse than the ancient Dunes, Red Alert, Tiberian Sun and Age of Empires. I cannot find any associated reason in making the game look worse than very first 1,5 - 2D games. During battles it has a minimal 2,5D camera forward look. But the lack of textures, density, effects, shadows are incapacitating the camera. It is true the game is addressing a market of 95% crapptoide phones sold out for the sake of “survival of the industry” which delivers a minimum of 1 fatal failure for every 3 prolly good processors. But the game is at first addressing a market of software brands. And if you turn the light on in this dark corners of human mind our game gets invisible. Sincerely, if I was switching the lights on in my room the battle screen of OR would have been under fog of 75Hz light… Bizzare how a good game has to go on further with the image of an underaged game for my age. I think resizing the battle screen to 80% of the phone screen would be a better option than reducing the visual impact of the effects or shadows or textures to such infantile “low” quality. I think rearranging the camera forwarding our look into the battle screen can make use of a closer look into the battlefield. A closer look can set off screen many colateral effects and dynamic texture rendering during scenes with great visual impact on big screens. A smaller camera view, a new model for camera rearranging it in a third person view angle closer to FPS view, a smaller game screen than the phone screen and a lower as possible number of frames per second. Down to 24. This can work on smaller game screens than phone screens. A smaller network broadcast speed during fight silencing the phone “standing by” processes. And in silence mode a phone can perform better foreground activities. An in game network debugging button in the case if the connection has been paused. And many many more ideas to go. But not this kaputt gemacht sugar free quality. Please this is still a good game and software. Not a market of prosperous fake phone brands and products