Gratitude (Trophies System)

I wanted to express my gratitude for fixing the trophies system and giving us much more rewards. At the moment, I am getting between 10-15 trophies per battle. This is a huge difference from earlier (1 trophies per battle)

Thanks a lot Olympus Rising Team

Darky09 (Divided We Fall)


I second this. Good update/rebalancing.

We all complained about the trophie system but we don’t saw the downside of this, the game may show a more money oriented side. 
More money --> more attacks/wins --> more trophies

I love the trophies fix. But with the defense nerfs I’m losing alot more than I can gain since targets appears so slow :slightly_frowning_face:  

its not balanced at all  its only lvl rated now see people with -trophies, and still lose that much every loss even if they have negative trophies!!

its should be lvl rated and trophy rated, people losing huge trophies at a certain lvl and cant win that back

I was happy when I saw that I can gain more trophies now, but after some time i saw the results of this Changes. I am losing more than I am gaining…

I also agree, the update was welcoming and I do thank the dev team for that update however i do see that my I have been losing way more trophies than I can gain from constant warring. The defense has been nerfed which is making a big impact on many peoples trophy count.

and also 

Seems to be a common problem.

Since the update I’ve lost around 400 trophies. I’ve lost 4 islands in that time but am losing between 10 and 40 trophies per hour from people attacking me and losing. Since I already owned most of the islands I can see I have no way of gaining these back. If your gate is not defeated there is no way you should be losing so many trophies.

This update looked so promising in the beginning but due to the nerfing I’m just going down down down 

I agree it did look good in the beginning but now people are losing trophies (myself included) faster than I can get them back. I second Macamus 


Ok, I don’t know how to evaluate this, in the end I think it’s better, because the more active you are the more you gain, before you could just sit in a good alliance and gain trophies without playing, now it’s more balanced. On the other side, I don’t know if fighting is not getting too boring, before it was exciting to go on fights and you had to evaluate if you can win or lose big, now you even can gain trophies by losing, this is the point that I don’t like so much, but you have also to think about players that don’t have buffs and struggle to attack buffed mountains. I don’t know yet… 

Overall the update is a negative to me, its good that trophies on attack increased, however nerfed defenses and getting trophies on loss, and not considering enemies trophies at all are all major negatives.

Build times for defences are simply too long as well, given how important defence is.

Before the update I had around 2300 trophies and owned nearly all my islands. I was gaining a small number of trophies and a reasonable amount of gold by retaking islands when taken. Since the update I have lost trophies steadily without islands being taken for the most part. I’ve currently lost over 500 trophies and, the sum of the trophies I can take back by taking the few islands I’ve lost, is 150. I am constantly losing trophies without losing islands which means I can’t get them back. To me, this update was not tested properly and its impact on the majority misunderstood. Unless of course the idea was to make a very sharp buck while killing off the game in which case it has succeeded hands down.

sadly its over now. So i would love to hear your feedback now from the new update  @darky09