Graveyard of drained, goldless bodies

I am wondering: when players become inactive, do their defenses remain in the selection pool?  If so… how long?

If they are not removed, that would explain the endless horde of 10-20k raid enemies mid-game. There is fresh blood at the start. And there are die-hards at the end. But if the middle is a desolate place, fewer die-hards will endure 15m upgrades on a diet of 15k with bread being precious and sparse…

If the answer is, “play less”… I’d look around at the middle and say that 1,000’s of players are heeding that advice to a cancerous degree.

I would only suggest that vacant players be removed from the pool after a short period. This way no harmful buttons need be added. And the middle-game can remain fun and viable. 

As it is now, I’m watching commercials for table scraps at the foot of the paywall. Events cover half of 1 upgrade and all the fun has been sucked up by the endless horde of drained bodies. Makes me want to join them…

Hey, players will not be in the selection pool after becoming inactive. Players who are not active will have their bases in the selection pool for 7 days, after that, they become inactive and nobody can attack or even search them. The only way you can see this player is if you have him in your favorites or friends list.

And, well, to explain the “endless horde of 10-20k raid enemies”, that is a great strategy used by players, which is to either protect their gold using gems, or to use up almost all their gold before they go offline