Great Lakes Alliance is recruiting


Great Lakes Alliance is recruiting. We’ve had some members drop because of real life things that pop up. We are a fun, friendly alliance and we love to war against other alliances. Come give us a look, grow with us, and have some fun.  You’ll be glad you did!

We are looking for a minimum 50k donation, more if you can do it.

Contact/friend any of the following players for more info.  Hope to see you in game.

Otolith, Spylord, ProdigiousAtom4, jkm!!, Tracyd





Message me if interested. We like to use use strategy, boosts & planned timing of assaults during war but don’t expect players 2 be on RR2 multiple times daily (though we all do during war) as we all have life, kids, jobs and real lives. We DO HAVE FUN and remain very competitive. We also enjoy having highly ranked players (friends) who drop by and provide insight and perspective from the top.

War season starts tomorrow. Come on out and battle with us and see if we are a good fit for you!  Hope to see you in game. 


Great Lakes Alliance

Level 41, 39 tiles, 14% tax bonus, 39% gold bonus, 2100-4400 trophy range on 40/46 members.

Will take individuals or smaller alliances looking to merge.

Minimum requirements - level 80 King, 250k daily donation, and be active.

Offer - knights 8/8, archers  5/5, barricades 4/4, and cannons 3/3; 24/7 plus war boosts in season 

Recently merged with For the People alliance to bring us to 23 members.  Still have room for more.  Join us!


Busy off-season.  Upgraded to level 24.  Currently have 28/29 members.  Raised minimum daily donation to 150k.  We are currently adding members to our farm team: For the People.  No boosts yet but we will get there.


A other successful war season. First place, now up to 34 tiles.  Gained another alliance level (25).  Come grow with us!


Gold again! 38 tiles.  Looking to expand to 35 members asap.  Please note the requirements before applying.  If you feel you have something to offer but don’t meet the minimums, please message a gen or myself to discuss.


Been a busy couple months since last post. Very fortunate to add several members of Loyal Avengers and Lady Warriors.  Almost doubled GLA in size.  Picked up a bunch of tiles and rankings, currently 241. The  competition has gotten much tougher.  So if your looking for a challenge.  Give myself or one of the gems a friend request as we are now invite only.


Updated stats.  Looking for new members.  Six open spots.