Greedy sob FG

No matter what your player base is ‘yelling’ at you FG you are not listening. This is not another post about the rubbish update you have performed but basically for me to vent and say ‘You dear sirs and madams are a pack of greedy ass wipes who really have no clue’ Think you better fix this shit or it will just end up like your other crap Royal Revolt. On that note I should have known better and realised before investing time on OR that you guys are as useless as an ashtray on a motorbike. Don’t bother with a response FG, like you care anyway. 

Hello Stash, 

We are aware there have been issues with the trophies over the weekend. 

Please note that the game is still under development and the balance is worked on and improved it regularly. 

We are trying to make it as fair as possible for all players, so expect more updates where we will keep to balance and improve the game. 

We are regularly reading the messages from the players and take them in consideration to go in the right direction. 

If you have any detailed feedback or suggestion, don’t hesitate to share it with us, it will be more than welcome. 

Thank you for your patience 

This is truly not needed and only looks bad on yourself

yes we were all upset with the update, trophy system, nerfs, etc

this is a FREE game, you do not need money to play it but do not expect to advance quickly or be on top of leaderboards as those are players who have spent some money.

FG is working on these issues as indicated by recent update and more to come. They even compensated those who were most affected. They have become active in forums and are listening to players.

the game isn’t perfect and still has issues and a lot of people are still upset but your childish rampage is an eyesore


They need to compensate every player because it is affecting the whole community not just the people who spend money, how is that fair in any way? I have spent money on the game also and I guarantee there are many who has. Detri, I have sent them emails with no reply not even a generated one stating that they received it. People have every right to be angry, annoyed or upset so why do you think you have the right to tell anyone what they should be saying in a post. Who are Detri, who are you! 


OK Aether taking you at your word I spent hundreds in gem’s clearing my map after the update guess what I have now?

 I was level 53 with around 2050 trophies my map filled with the following:

  68 with 1100 trophies

  59 with 2900 

  60 with 2400

  61 with 2500

  59 with 2100 

  66 with 1900

  No the higher levels do not have weak defenses for a level 53 to fight. It appears to me that while you guys have tinkered with the trophy counts the matchmaking isn’t any better. It appears that every day my only option is to attempt to fight much stronger foes or just stare at the screen. Eventually I will run out of gems then have to decide if it is worth spending another  $100 or not.

They just responded to your post, so saying your not getting a response is inaccurate. And if your emails were worded as poorly as your post I’m not surprised you didn’t get an answer

compensating every player is a long shot, but I do agree with you that if you were affected negatively by the past update you should be compensated in some way.

to answer your last question - I am just another player like you - I am nobody special or don’t have any “right” to tell you what to say. I just gave you my opinion, nothing more, nothing less

i am not trying to stick up for FG or try to back them - I do know they can be unresponsive at times but keep in mind they are probably getting thousands of emails all asking for something due to bugs/compensation/suggestions etc. Takes awhile to work through them

all I’m saying (my opinion) is if you have an issue there are better ways to solve it than to publicly rage and throw out names and insults

good luck to you


Don’t you think that I tried other ways before posting this. It’s amazing they have responded so quickly, wonder why! Just get it through your head mate that people are allowed to express themselves in any manner. Tried being polite and oh so clever like you think you are with etiquette and poise in my emails but as I stated in the original post I wanted to ‘vent’. I have, I’m done whinging and I feel better now. Good luck to you as well

I agree the core issue of matching opponents is still way off. We should be facing ppl around our ranking not ascension level. Not worth wasting 20/50 gems to beat a player 1000 cups less. I want to pull people higher than me down and steal their cups. That’s how this will be fixed or I’ll never face the top players cause they are all lower level than me. 

If you refer back to my post it said I have no right to tell you what to say, your free to do what you want and I only gave you my opinion. Never did I say I was clever either nor was it intended, your pulling straws.

You’ve got a lot of growing up to do if you feel better after you whine and throw a temper tantrum. My three year old nephew does that to, maybe I can set up a play date between you guys?


“cant we all just get along…”?? 

I think by now its quite clear that this game needs a good number of tweeks. 

There are many things to address, since they are taking all the fun away and players are leaving… 

Its like we are running on an open beta.

Truth be told: game idea is awesome. And addictive… As we progress into it, the more we want, but the less we are getting… Thats why so many of us get our “one day of fury” against it… ?

Lets just go outside, get beat up by life, and come back to the Matrix… 


All good points and I agree ?

Game does need a lot of work, and players are leaving. 

Lets see what they roll out ?

Can i add my gripe?:slight_smile: im lvl52 with 2k trophs and i got THIS guy!:slight_smile:

Good guy matchmaking ? 

DT Bravo is really tough for me too and I’m level 61.

Haha yeah I get him all the time but detri is my hardest opponent except he didn’t have his boosts on today still tough glitch?

Well that’s upsetting that my blessings aren’t there because we have them active 24/7 ?

Don’t worry was the first time I’d seen you like that I normally struggle with my best hero going all out with invocations

I recently changed it up - it won’t work if blessings aren’t there though

let me know how it compares to old set up


Will do

Its another glitch, ive noticed that sometimes ill see boosts down on someone the look back 3 seconds later to find them all up again. It cant be a case of all boosts dropping at once then guild restting them cause its happened a few times.