GREEK ARMY - Open spot


Greek Army is recruiting!

Our Alliance is a relatively new team that over the last month has made a dynamic entrance in the top 10!

If you looking for a multinational alliance with serious goals and a great atmosphere now is the time! …we can welcome you on-board!


We currently have one open spot for a member!


Must be active and performing well on war

Must donate regularly

Hall of Uranus Level 9 or 10

Trophies 4800+

Ascension Level 75+

Download Line app & communicate

Who we are:

Level 35 Alliance

Ranked 8th on trophies list [196k]

Ranked 8th on torches list [95]

96% gold bonus/14% donation bonus

We run 6 to 8 Blessings and all 3 war blessings 24/7


If you are interested in joining GA:

add shadowscop1on on line app chat / post your in-game name or line ID / just send joining request in-game.