Greek Language

The game have Greek Gods, Greek names etc…

You dont think we need Greek Language???


I think it was mentioned before but I like the idea of having heroes say phrases in Greek 

only issue is not being able to understand them ?

And not to nit pick but i think Uranus was Roman, not Greek?:slight_smile:

Ancient Greek; Ούρανός -> sky, latinized Uranus 
Greek Mythology; Firstborn of Gaia, one of the oldest Gods… 

My mistake, Uranus is apparently Greek, Caelus was the roman equivalent:)

Thanatos -> Θάνατος 

Okeanos -> Ωκεανός

Medusa -> Μέδουσα

Ambrosia ->Αμβρόσια

Achilles -> Greek name(my friend’s name??)

Olympus ->Όλυμπος(The Highest Greek mountain)


God Athena -> Θεά Αθηνά

And most of the other Gods…

Etc Many words in the game are greek,most of them greeklish…??