Griffin And Phoenix AI problem

well for the past one month I am Constantly using Phoenix and Griffins in fight And every time I  notice that my Griffins ignores Enemy Griffins and simply move forward as if there is no Enemy unit around them.As a result I am forced to use my Hero or any other unit to attack them.I don’t to know whether this a bug or any kind of Glitch in the Game or developers intent to keep it this way.Also Phoenix too ignore enemy Phoenix.

Second issue that I am facing is that some time I have come across battles where a Griffin do not land on the ground for 5-8 seconds when using its Swoop ability.It just hovers in the air for those 5-8 seconds,Which I quite find annoying because I knew the moment the Griffin lands on the ground it will instantly kill all of my units and so I am forced to stay in the Defense mode for that duration of time.This usually happens when there is a mob  of small units on the ground like spear men,archers ,warriors.I have lost some battles because of this bug.

Please  @CaptainMorgan could please reply to this post.

That’s not a bug … Griffin and Phoenix will ignore each other … that’s a good thing because there Attack are same what they are resistive with (I mean Phoenix Attack fire and he have resistance of fire) so they will never be able to kill each other so without wasting any time they ignore eachother…

The problem is, regardless of killing (And you reasons are accurate by the way), is that ally phoenixes and griffins move forwards without support and die, which is counterproductive for the attacker. And this has to do with the global AI settings, so sometimes we also get bs like phoenixes attacking llapetos over nyx in def mode and crap like that, which is just gg wp at that point.

Hi NAPC & Infamous,


I do see your point that both Griffin and Phoenix have Elemental attacks on them.Unlike other units that have physical attack.But there are other units in the game that to have elemental attacks on them but they attack other enemy units regardless. Like a Medusa have a Poison attack but still attacks other Medusa,Same goes for Hydra and Siren.So,I think Both griffin and phoenix to should do that.

So,I agree with Infamous on this issue that the game does have some AI related problems like  trebuchets,phoenix,Griffin,Cyclops do not prioritize attacking a Nyx tower but Waste their time on Attacking barricades or towers or other enemy units.In meanwhile these units are converted by Nyx tower.

NAPC offered a perfect explanation. Unlike Hydras and medusas, phoenixes and griffins have a 100% (complete, that is) immunity to the attacks of their own kind. So the AI, whose main aim is to neutralize threats ASAP, prioritizes targets that can damage the unit, which moves their own kind all the way down the priority list to become 0. This is something that can be easily addressed by changing their immunities to 99% or by allowing the AI to switch targets halfway and prioritize targets only in a certain range.

@HOLYDIVINE so your main issue is with NYX tower that troops don’t attack 1 on it and then they should attack other stuff right.?? 

Then what will your hero and his spells do.?? If the troops target the nyx first instead they are doing right now then many other players will have problem that the NYX tower got nerfed … The game become interesting and challenging with such stuff … or else we all have maxed troops both the troops are equal it’s not challenging anymore … 

I don’t know if the bug I got his the same because I use Phoenix and Griffin. During a Odyssey that was strange suddenly some troops stop walking. I have see some blue dot stuck in the black bar. The majority advance without problem but some stuck. After maybe 30 seconds they unstuck and walk again. No tower or enemy units around. That happen many time. So their is a bug about them?

@Warriornator are you talking about Chaos Gate Blessing .???

No read carefully I talk about they stop in middle of the raid. When you watch the bar in top you can see blue dot who stop and others who keep walking and advancing when you are by example in the gate and fight the Defender. That happen many time. I test it that was not because of a tower or units. No same if there is no more tower or enemy troops they stop. So why? after summoned they are already tired to fight   or be too much in bad shape lol not enough exercise. Bad cardio

Today I will test during my fight if that happen often or not

I have also seen blue dots incorrectly appear between my hero in the front and the final gate and appear to move towards me (and then not be real) and I’ve seen red dots appear at the beginning, but never seem to do damage to my gate.  That progress bar has dot bugs sometimes.  Even if they’re real heroes, a stopped dot wouldn’t surprise me

There are defences that are based only on nyx(like mine)! It’s up to the player what troops he will summon to break them and nyx is an alternative way to defend your islands instead of using towers that do only damage… also it’s an interesting way to make your defence even better and you can do many things with nyx… If all troops have the priority to break nyx there is no point to use it at all! We will all use same defences with same blessed troops! 

Yes that does happen to me sometimes.The progress bar sometimes does show red dots even if there are no enemy unit on the game map.