Griffin ignors stun when doing special attack

Through the last fight, I saw often, that griffins are ignoring stuns through for example Pheme when they start the special attack “swoop”. Even, when they are still on the ground, preparing for the swoop, they are not stunned through Pheme or Medusa’s Gaze.

This should not happen. 


Griffins are immune to stun. They are not immune to paralyze though. 

@dumpster that can’t be true, because they can be stunned when they are on the ground, not doing the special attack. And I remember, that some weeks ago, the stun worked fine on griffins. Pheme or Medusa’s Gaze are working, when the griffin is not doing special attack “swoop”.

Griffins are 100% immune to stun, including the stun effect from Apollo towers, blessed archers, and pheme. They are not immune to paralysis. If Medusa’s Gaze isn’t working on them, it’s a bug.

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To answer your question My all heroes have 72% or more than that chance to stun and yet they never managed to stun a Griffin.So I can confirm that Griffins are the only unit in the game that are immune to stun or paralysis.MY heroes always stun every building including Apollo tower.


Medusas are immune to paralysis.

Yes dumpster Medusa is the only that is immune to petrify but not stun.

I have just seen Griffin taking an Apollo spear into the face and freezing for a sec midair. He was swooping at that time

Griffins OFTEN get hung up in mid-air because of REASONS (bugs) unrelated to stun. They’re immune to stun and lightning based attacks.

I think trebuchets are immune to petrify, also. Griffins are not immune to petrify.

Yeah I forgot to mention Trebuchets too are immune to petrify(Thanks for the reminder).Sometimes I have noticed Griffin do not petrify when they are in mid air Sometime they do .I think it is some kind of Bug and also when they land on the ground I have wait for that animation over only then I cast Medusa gaze to petrify them.Otherwise they do not petrify.


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Regarding this post it does happen sometimes there some strange things related to Griffin Swoop Animation.Like sometime they petrify during mid air sometime they do not.Even though Perseus Medusa gaze should always petrify them. Regarding Stun I do know they have 100% resistance to lightning based attacks as Zeus who has 100% chance to stun is also unable to stun them.