Griffon useless in new update bug?

With the new updates Griffons are not attacking buildings. This make the Griffons completely useless. Here is a video of Griffons not attacking building, I removed the defending troops to show what they are doing.


Thanks for the report, will forward it.

I assume you are playing on Android? (Had it as well on iOS anyway)

Yes, I am on Android.

Thanks for the additional info!

Just to clarify:

the only thing the Griffins will not attack are the Barricades and Towers.

They still attack Units normally, which doesn’t affect their utility in defense. :grinning:

Yes they are good for defense but if they are your main units for attack, then they are useless since I can never reach the gates and lose a lot of trophies. So to clarify, the Griffins not attacking Barricades and Towers are a huge deal if they are your main attack troops.

What is the status on this bug? This has been reported weeks ago and not fixed. It is not fun to have griffins not attacking towers, barricades or gate unless enemy troops are present.

Here :grinning:

Awesome Alysea!!! Thank you for the update.

I started Alliance War and guess what, Griffin are broken in War mode but not in regular one. So I just wasted 40 gems trying to win against a usually easy opponent because Griffins were at the gate and barricades trying to walk through them instead of attacking it unless troops were there. I am out of Fury so will have to wait to confirm my finding.

Thanks for the report, we are looking into it and will keep you updated.

Could you please send us a video of one of your raids with the Griffins not attacking please?

What about in defense, when the Griffin stays idle high in the sky and the hero in auto-mode just runs on the spot trying to reach it.

Is that a known bug too?

It is known, but you can just take control of your Hero then. :grinning:

The autoplay mode is not here to fully replace you from playing the game.

Yeah I understand that, but Griffins are not here to fly in the sky doing nothing either :wink:

They don’t look petrified nor stunned, but that can’t be it anyway cause they get stuck for the whole raid.

Would you have a video of this one by any chance? I never saw this happening so far…

Sorry Alysea, I couldn’t replicate it but that one time I was attacking, Griffins were just trying to move forward not attacking. I did see a few times in my battle even Minos not attacking just moving forward so it looks like it is random.