GrimScythe2001- Looking for new alliance

Player Information:

Player Name: GrimScythe2001
Player Level: 109
Trophy Count: average 3000
Alliance Tower/Donation: 750K (regular donation)
Personal Stronghold Units:

  1. Quarry: lvl 7
  2. Alchemist’s Lab: lvl 7
  3. Training Camp: lvl 6
    Player Status: Very Active
    Language Fluency: English, Hindi, Nepali

Alliance Type Required:

Alliance with conquest tier 6 (Veteran Explorers) / tier 7 (Novice Adventurers)…

Temporarily looking for alliance (6-7 months maybe)… Could be a permanent member, who knows…

If you find me a deserved candidate to your alliance, send me an alliance invite… Thanking You…

Signed By:

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KILLER_of_KINGS alliance…we need players like you

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Knights of the Realm could use you in our alliance as well. I’ll send you an invite :slight_smile:

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Alliance of Ghosts, tier : idk the name but the tier with 3 pro chest.Boost :Every single elite boost active ecept arrow tower boost. Pro Boost 24h everytime we get pro boost. Lvl 80 max, We welcome you! But i have to see your performance first.Its best that you meet the requirements cus yeah, you get it

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Sorry the invite didn’t go out. Computer had several issues and I had lots of issues at work so I needed a break from the game. Should you decide to send FRs out again, send me one :slight_smile: or at least let me know through the forum :slight_smile:

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