Grotesque Grotto V Dungeon Guide


spell set is very strange :slight_smile:

I use stun with lots of cooldown forged and damage forged in also. Very useful 

Firestorm combined with Sonic Blast work really great. The third depend of your choice. I use Hammerstrike because seem weak but its far the case. If you have play Olympus Rising with Scella you know the power come from the fact who cast it more often than the others and also because that do Blunt Damage. That destroy one shot everything in low level

You can also use Firestorm,Sonic Blast and a third Touch and Go spells to be insane like Toxic cloud or Bladestorm.

For the units interesting I must try that Monk,Werewolf and Canon. Never try put I can try. i use Pyromancer,Arblaster and Monk but a little too much slow combo to be honest