Group battles?

there will be uneffective raid if there can be really possible to raid together in the next update,if they have the same spell when raiding together,and how about troop? i can’t imagine the crowded of troops there and server lag owhh… i can`t wait the next update!

I did not understand this topic. What is the source of your claim? Where did you recognise that something going on with multiple raiding?

sorry for my grammar there …

there,they said its good to raid together

i just wonder how they will implement this…

I’m guessing it’ll be like other game , you join a group/alliance and go raid people as usual but the medals/trophies you won will be counted as your alliance’s medals/trophies that will then be uploaded to the alliance leaderboard to determine the winner.Something like that I think , means that  you raid invidually but contribute as a group/together.

No problem with grammar. I only missed the source to be in topic. =) What do you mean with the spells? I think that we only raid every for him-/ herself and maybe collect some trophies for group. So its still same like yet - only 1 person attack one other person.


oh its so mainstream.. ill be disappoint there



sorry,maybe im just too much expectation for my own imagination here lol.

Hmm… epic clan battles with dozens of heroes on a huge battlefield would be awesome, indeed! Though, probably not becoming true due to synchronization and lagging problems.

Still, a nice imagination…


Btw fixed a quote and edited the topic title to be more meaningful.