i am leader of my alliance. many of member in my alliance can not donate and not fight zombic and ninja war and also not dpnate please make a new folder for leader that help the leade when that the member join the alliance.with date . please help us. thanx

Sure new feature like this can be useful for Leader but you can also do what i have do in Blade Storm 1 year ago. Use a blocknote or Excel or whatever write the name of your members and add all info : Level,donation,donation each day by the entire alliance,alliance tower,donation for a week,% bonus taxe,etc… and you follow each Sunday you look if some members don’t donate, don’t attack in War only one thing to do kick them out and take new player who want to support your alliance. If you want I idea how look like the processus : and click on last post. Its Blade Storm blog you can see how to do it

You can also just check the Green arrow and when they have donate and look if 24 hour the green arrow is there or not

I think there is some way to follow them manually until there is a feature like that in the game

this is good but some time some player can not know what is meany my daily donation and also not donate insta troopes. what about this.


in this case its up to you to explain them the importance of doing each day the daily donation. Explain them its the daily donation that allow to level up your alliance and its the donation that allow you to activate boost for War Season. Without donation you cannot do anything. Explain the importance to level up their Alliance Tower. If they want to use Boost and use gold boost its very important they help you and not profite of the situation,etc…

You are the leader its your role to explain them each thing in this game like : Bonus tax who add bonus gold in donation, fiefdoms more you have and more the Dragon are power, more trophies = more gold boost,etc… Explain to them the importance to donate insta troops can help them during raid

And if same with the explanation they don’t know what that means or don’t want to help you, I think you should kick them out and add new player who want really to help you make your alliance bigger and stronger

but lot of members are from other country with other langage so i can not explane


You cannot do anything about that or depend of you, you can kick them off and take people of your own language. Your are the Leader you have two choice accept them and accept they cannot listen you,don’t donate,don’t fight in War season,don’t donate troops,etc. or you can kick them off if its just 3 or 4 members and take people with your language. 

There is no criteria selection for Leader and that is the main problem for Leader in this game. Flaregames have no idea how its the pain in the ass to selection each members without criteria

Anyway good luck with that!!!  

thanx for helping