Growing alliance looking for loyal members

My alliance, Asgard War is looking for active, English speaking, members.   From all over the world, as long as you have workable English, are mature, level headed, and love to war!!!

we use LINE for communication, and if you join our line chat you get instant veteran.  I would prefer level 50+, but if you’re active and growing, we can consider 40+

War particiption is mandatory.  Line Chat is heavily used during war.

we are a level 19 alliance, currently ranked 448 and rising,  set to “apply to join’ we’d love to have you grow with us as we climb the leaderboard!  Once loyalty and activity are proven, we may have captain slots open up.

hit me up in game!!!

Biergott10, Asgard War general

IGN: Notehc16


lvl 30

active player