Growing pains... Any relief?

Right now Gods of Destiny is having some growing pains. Here are the sequence of events that have happened:

  1. Angelic and Gods of Destiny, both Lv.27, decides to merge our best players.

  2. Apparently there was some confusion over the definition of “best players,” and generals from both sides tried to squeeze everyone in.

  3. Big spenders like myself and Spacedog, blitzed the guild up to Lv.34 in record time to for everyone.

  4. We kicked the slackers.

  5. We now have all of those spaces free

To put a long story short, we grew too quickly, and have some spots to fill. What we’re looking for are players who:

  • Are loyal

  • Are active

  • Have 3,000+ trophies

  • Have 75k+ donations

What you’ll find at Gods of Destiny:

  • All that, plus more. We have a few loyal 500k donators (myself included) who allow us to spend a bit more than 75k per player (; Like 24/7 Knights.

This is a rare opportunity to get into a close-knit, active community. You’re essentially getting the best of two guilds in one (: Very few other alliances at this level can offer what Gods of Destiny offers, because we expect full participation from each player. It is very much a full-participation guild. If you’re interested, join today! (: