Growing player frustration with elite boosts, balance issues, gem/pearl costs on scrolls, alliance tower upgrades, and everything else.

As most of you are aware here on the forums and facebook there has been a lot of player anger recently stemming mostly from flare games greed. This all started with adding new pay 2 win mechanics in each any every update since the pearl scroll update.  


Scrolls have always been here but with the amount of free gems given out by flare games and the fact that they weren’t really required to play the game most players accepted them as a legit game play mechanic. The conversion rate of being scrolled on and getting free gems has always been about 1 for every 7-8 gems used on you and that seemed fair.


There has been an increased in discussion with gems costs increasing, prices for the level 11 alliance tower and alliance tower upgrades in general, elite boosts costs and much much more. Minor little tweaks like increasing chamber of fortune gem cost to open the skull chest to dramatically lowering the league record prize payouts has left many players angrier and more frustrated with seemingly each and every patch. Sure they add nice things like elite boost which changed the landscape of thegame dramatically and allowed for new defensive and offensive tactics…but they all cost a LOT OF MONEY to use. Way to much money to use and leave all but the giant whales out in the cold. Even now the more vocal supporters and financial  “whales” players on the forums and facebook groups are more of the top 1000 kings who are outraged at the 4000 gem cost of alliance tower level 11 and already looking forward and saying well the next level will cost 8000 gems at this rate… or saying that the latest sneak peek of adding generals by promoting members in your alliance probably will cost gems to do…it is sad but probably true with their recent track record.


For those wondering 4000 gems to upgrade a tower is about $40 usa, $40 is a lot of money to most people. IMO they dangle new features and power but lock them behind pay walls and “force” player to buy them to stay competitive. Ruining a lot of fun of the game as it ends up being who has the biggest wallet.


I personally have not spent any more money on this game since they went aggressively adding in new pay walls to the game and advice you guys to do the same until flare games understands that, we the players will not stand for such money gouging in each and every patch.


Let me know what you think and lets try to encourage constructive feedback so that they may take us serious and actually listen. Posting stuff like flare games sucks and all they want is money!!! isn’t going to help our cause. Boycotting buying gems and banding together and supporting a cause like this may get them to change their to actually listen to our feedback and take it to heart. 


In conclusion all I want is a more fair and balanced game that doesn’t not force me to pay $50 each upgrade to progress in the game.


Things that I feel would help


Alliance tower upgrades lowered.

Increased EXP gains for kings

Windows support somehow to balance out the discrepancy

Banning of ploghing players

Elite boost balanced (weakened) or reduced price so a lot more players can actually use them.

Increased in league records rewards like they were before they were nerfed.


Those are the simple things that I think could be done to help dramatically fix the game some. please add your own and lets keep this constructive



PS Most of these are things I have brought up before to JONA before and nothing has been done. So for those that think I have pull I do not. We need to work together to improve the game. 

I actually have the opposite feelings. I like the recent updates especially since I have used the Blizzard spell for awhile. I have played this game sometimes for hours a day everyday for about a year. I have spent money on gems and never regretted it. I understand that some if not most people don’t want to spend money and that is their decision. I recently got the 30000 gem deal and have been running wild with it. Did it suck to spend 4000 on the last alliance tower upgrade? Kinda, but overall it was worth it. I have been with this game from the start and have loved it through all the updates.

I want to thank you Jason for all your videos that helped me when I was at the 2000 trophy mark. I have attacked you a few times, care to return the favor.

No question the blizzard overall was a GREAT thing for us and the game in general. It was probably one of the most least used spells in the game and now has new life to it. I am glad you are having fun and enjoying the game,  Nice to see another player here from the start. =)


Anyone is free to attack me and I have no personal judgement against anyone that does or doesn’t attack me. I actually hope you stole a lot of gold when you attacked me!

Well I think that what we need is to talk directly to developers, or someone higher than jona, I mean all this guy does all the time is saying ''i will check blablablab" and then things just goes on just like days goes by.

If flare games can understand our position may be we can find balance… And also we may be able to understand why flare is implementing things like that… .l.

I feel only the level 11 alliance tower cost should be lowered to 3000, and experience gained per battle has been increased a lot from what I came to know. I personally gain 30000 experience per battle at level 83.

I think that Any Player should be able to activate Elite Boosts with in game gold not with real money(Also not from Donations of Alliance ie From Player’s own Gold)

With current system only top level players having 3000+ trophies and those who are members of rich alliances have benefits and those who get gems with illegal or so called farming of gems via creating new profiles and using their gems for scrolls

Thats too much really , if you’re able to activate it yourself then theres no use of having an alliance


I think that it wouldn’t even help the lower levels:

What would happen if everyone can activate the elite-boosts? Especially the higher levels who can afford the spending without any problems would have all boosts activated all the time. And some lower levels would still struggle to get the gold together to activate the boosts.

After read all this, I want you Jason as a new developer !

Many players have enough gold but the problem is that players can’t donate it in alliance because upgrade cost of alliance towers is really very high and Elite Boosts can be activated from Donations only

flare wont listen . they just want to make as much money as they can. we already said all things in this forums but they wont budge.

greed means that they just want cash now and dont care about the future. this aplies to allot of companies . and that is known as mismanagement.

most of those companies fail after a while . they dont see that lowering prices or caring about customers more wil increase their income over time . they can make 100 now and die in near future or earn 1000 over a longer period. and greed Always choose for the first one cause they only see now . if they change its better for the players and the company itself . but realy as long the management dont see that its a waste of time . i hope they turn around verry soon because if they wont change withen the next few months this game wil die . so i hope all players comment here and i hope flare starts listening , otherwise its all over verry soon.

Flare are a business and as such their main interest is in turning a profit. Most games come and go over a period of time, Flare know this and are making hay while the sun shines, the longevity of the game is pretty limited, some part down to platform, some part down to greed and some part down to imagination. Will there be a RR2 in 5, 3 or even 2 years time, I pretty much doubt it, certainly not the one we all originally fell in love with, which has already long gone now. I agree with and have even suggested many of the statements made above in terms of costs, EXP gains, player/ploughing bans etc. All of which have been much discussed topics by many over a long period of time, none as yet have been properly addressed by Flare and probably never will be … two weeks and counting on the ploughing issue!!


Currently I know there is a purchase embargo by a number of HL players (myself included) on gems because we feel there needs to be answers to these questions, not just for us, but for the whole community. At the end of the day what is the point in betting on a crippled horse, as that is what the game has become!


From Flares perspective it probably means little, in effect they have had their money from us and we are an acceptable loss money already banked and will be replaced by others, until, eventually the game loses popularity and is just consigned to running on a server in some back room, with if it is lucky, an odd patch applied, but certainly no updates.


It is a testament to the game that so many are willing to comment and make these suggestions, but it has become more than apparent that it counts for nothing. No matter how often we comment on this forum, if we have a town hall as suggested or if we refuse to pay/play Flare and the game has a roadmap and it seems nothing or nobody will change that.


I truly believe that Jona, and Pete before him, listened to and agreed with many of our concerns, but they don’t hold the purse strings or authority to make the decisions that need to be made, those that do either don’t understand or care enough to do the right thing.


At the end of the day its a shame, but nobody ever forced us to start playing, nobody ever forced us to pay anything, so I guess we put ourselves here one way or another, not Flare, so we just have to take what we are given or leave.

Flare needs to be aware that there are several games out there of the same genre (Clash of Clans anyone?).  If they gouge us now, we can simply spend out time playing Game of War (Yes Kate Upton I will be your hero lol :slight_smile:

I don’t agree w everything Jason said but I’d like to add some more reason to be frustrated


-gems to pearls conversion ratio is 10 to 1

-the food cost starting level 86 is more than what one farm can produce

-gem sales offer that give 30k for same/higher price instead of lower price for 20k

-the new granny sales format that allow only one purchase every 2-3 weeks

Thanks for adding more reasons and I am sure there are lots that I forgot/ don’t know.

Pete is the/a developer, Jona to my knowledge is just hired help. I may be wrong on this and Jona feel free to correct me.


Ploughing has been discussed for months and they did make it harder to plough but that was it last time…


It actually isn’t all for nothing as several changes have been made that players asked for, mainly on the loot side of things. Increasing loot, giving more free loot on average, adding the chamber of fortune for bonus loot and prizes, giving us a way to earn some pearls. Giving us free 3 hours shields is also a big bonus they gave us to help with the loot issues. Even tho some players hated the 3 attacks per hour limit they added that was asked by some of the players. They also have planned to add a daily log in bonus type thing at some point and that is something we have directly asked for. They do listen somewhat to your feedback and for sure they read your feedback but it is not something you can do to please everyone.


I think a great start would be the road map idea that sn1kt posted about that you are referencing. Giving us a rough guideline on what is to come in the next 6 months. A grand vision of the game so to speak. They have a plan that is for sure, but player feedback has been taken into account here and there. It would be really really nice for them to share more with us about the road map tho. Even if it was say a 1 year overview of what we are aiming for or trying to do. Kind of like kickstarter campaigns of look guys in the next year we are looking at xyz…not all these might be possible but this is what we are trying to do. 


I though that the ratio was 7 to 1. Did they change it?


I was also complaining about the granny “sales” before for the same issue. As Jason and others said, everything is getting more and more expensive in the game and sadly the gems that we are earning without paying are getting less and less, leaving most players struggling to stay competitive and enjoy the game.

how we are receiving less gems :

  • much less gem rewards for making a league record
  • much worse conversion rate for users scrolling on our base
  • reduced gem rewards from achievements 

how we are spending more gems:

  • much tougher defense mechanics that require scrolling on high level bases - introduction of elite boosts has rather given more strength on the defensive side of the game (e.g elite barriers, wolves, ogres) and the only valid way of countering this was with more elite boosts spending(e.g. blazing knights). 
  • many spell’s power has been nerfed and cost has been increased
  • high gold boost bonuses on alliances have given the chance for most people to rapidly increase their defense levels making defenses much harder to raid across all levels of gamers, thus increasing scrolling. 
  • hella expensive alliance tower upgrades
  • less often granny sales, less discounts when they do come

All players in the world and the ones that are active, we should make the purchase gems strike. Stay 30 days without buying gems and they will feel a big impact in his pocket. We have to fight where it hurts, in their pockets.

He was talking about pearls conversion to gems, which is probably a different ratio like he stated, i personally haven’t tested . Gem conversion has been the same always. To my knowlegde

-make leagues more fairer…i would say…its almost not possible to win diamond leagues.

-introduce free food and gems for windows player.

-the food cost per raid.