Growl Buff - Pal & Offensive and Defense beast buff

Hello :wave:,
We are planning to buff our sweet little wolf Growl. :wolf:
Please share your feedback and ideas here! We are already testing some things, but are not ready to communicate these just yet and would like to know what is important to the community as well! :heart:

I believe a great range increase would be a good choice for Growl.

My biggest issue with pals’ abilities that do stuff to enemies is their range. A lot of the time the ability is wasted because it didn’t reach the enemies, or didn’t affect enough of them to really make a difference.


Increase the Range drastically and the reduce the Cooldown. Also increase the Power of the Spell itself.

As Ice is the actual meta, I think the ice weakness should be reduced. But even so I don’t think it will be even near as struggling as phebe.

The ice weakness is—equally as for the howl beast—the main reason why it performs so bad. Far too much people are nowadays attacking with multiple ice damage dealing things, so these beasts are gone in seconds. It wouldn’t make a difference if the beast’s attack was stronger, when the beast is already dead before it can deal any damage.


I would focus on the Pal instead of the Beast. Now and then I face a Growl-Beast in some High-Level-Bases but I think NOBODY in the wide World uses Growl as a Pal.

Somewhat agreed, somewhat disagree… Nobody would use growl as either pal or defense beast… maybe some weaker or new players would use it as pal, but definitely not as beast, that i can assure of… why not? well, Celestial Phoebe (which almost all the alliances have)…

If anything needs buffing, it would be Pro Pal Phoebe (blunt damage instead of normal damage, please), and some guardians (sultan and gaspar)… Gem-used scroll Armageddon to deal blunt damage instead of normal…

You want to know what could be interesting?

• Why don’t you give Growl the Transform ability?

It only didn’t work with Nemesis because it was changing the effects of the pro pal to one that wasn’t so good.
But Growl have the same ability on pal and beast form, it only becomes stronger, so that could be used as a buff.

The Transform ability is good and I think it deserves a second chance

And it matches Growl perfectly!
A little wolf that auto transforms into a big werewolf! :wolf:

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Interesting idea.

I think we have different perspectives. I’m at the 5300 trophy range usually (about rank100-300) and this is what I’ve experienced in the past couple months:

  • The Phoebe pal is a very good pal right now and certainly capable of performing well against the top defenses, even during Wars/Conquest;
  • The Phoebe beast (even lvl7-8 from a top alliance) is not that big of a deal and is easily defeated;
  • More and more top players (top1-200, from the top10 alliances) are chosing the Howl and Growl beasts for their defenses. These 2 have been rising in popularity.
  • Growl and Howl pals should receive a buff to make them more appealing.

I liked the idea behind growl,enemies will be slower& will take more damage but consider this,if we can destroy enemies with irmgard or phoebe while they also heal hero,why I use pal which just make them slower? few suggestions are make bigger range,less cooldown,or it’s growl effect time more!

Why not give Growl the Slow-Down Ability from the Toxic-Cloud Spell?

Thanks for sharing your ideas guys, I will forward them to the team.

Can we have info about Intimidate’s damage on Growl’s status?

It’s not even mentioned anywhere that it has any damage on the special ability

LVL6 Growl’s Intimidate vs LVL1 Blockade (2.500 HP):

If the goal is to make more players use that pal, I don’t think hiding this kind of thing is a good idea :upside_down_face:

Because that’s the ability suggested for the Turtle pal :turtle: we are waiting for (?) :upside_down_face:

It’s kinda what Intimidate is, but with a limited area instead of slowing the entire path,
a very very VERY limited area, that’s why increase on range has been suggested
With a big range we would see the slow effect being actually useful

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We have performed the buff with this LSU. Live Server Update - 13.06.2019 - Growl Buff/Ninja Rebalance/Fix for Tech tree
Thanks for the feedback! :slight_smile: