Growl makeover


I think Growl is heavily underpowerd. His ability is not really useful in offense.

Here is my idea: remove the weaken-ability and give him the slow-down ability as already known from the toxic cloud!

Hi Orko :slight_smile:

we agree that Growl is underpowered. We plan a balancing change, which will also affect Growl pal in a positive way. You can check it here:


Thanks, I set this one to answered.

If I recall correctly I ran once a pro league with growl and the weakening was actually kind of useful. Though when I tried a normal growl in regular raids I couldn’t see it even doing anything of effect. So I guess it needs to be pretty maxed to be useful, but that’s counterproductive. If there’s a useful ability it should be effective from level 1, not level 8.