growling sound

I been playing the game more then a year now and I think the warriors should be able to have more personnel sounds for each of them instead of that bad imitation of viking warriors fighting among themselves that growling sound is just terrible to my opinion needs a major upgrade.

would be nice to have just a little voice to the warriors like ex attack or charge personnel to each of them I think it could be done hey its 2 years already if man can walk on the moon I certainly think programmers can do it.

I think the growling sound is very funny and I like it. I also play with sound off.

I’m not too keen about the growling noise to be honest. There are also random screams which sound out of place though I’ve only experienced them on the mobile version though. ?


but I have to admit they went a bit soft on the female warriors cause it would had been very funny for Helen or Athena to growl like Ajax.

I think they should give some armors to warriors.Those poor guys only carry Shield and axe and wears little peice of clothes.

They don’t even resemble hoplites : /