Guaranteed money?

Could someone explain me how treasure chamber’s gold is protected permanently? And why does my gold decrease when someone attack me unless the number of coins is protected? I’m explaining better: I’ve got treasure chamber at level 9 and I’ve got 300.000 coins (maximum protection: 450.000)… when someone raid me I’ll have less than 300k… but they must be guaranteed! So? And in the attack list there isn’t the mark “protected”… help me… I’m not understanding x.x

Gold from Taverns

Fore example my gold in my taverns is 30K. In all my taverns , I have 30K and treasure chamber 300K gold.

When someone attack me, he get gold from my taverns and not from my treasure chamber But my treasure gold decreased?!


I think Flare should work more on this feature. Even if the attacker gets gold from taverns, gold from the treasure chamber should not decrease because it is literally not in our treasure chamber. We didn’t collect gold from taverns.


We have 300K gold on the treasure chamber. 25K on each of the taverns. A player attacks. Gold in treasure chamber decreases to 250K. Don’t know if tavern money decreases. But still gold is actually reduced from treasure chamber. So actually, we are losing gold where it should have been protected.

You aren’t funny .-.

But it’s make game fair because for example we must wait 2-3 days to taverns full but every time we must get them because enemy get it.

It’s good know.

No change.

It’s fine as is. Just save up your gems if you’re gonna play a longer session when saving up gold. 

Even if they don’t change the current gold protection mechanics, they should at least explain how those actually work as they obviously don’t work the way one would expect it.

If one can lose gold from the treasure chamber even when there is displayed that the gold is protected, then the game basically cheats/lies to the player, which it shouldn’t.

So @flaregames: Please make clear how this actually works! Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Maybe it is a glitch or something because I’ve never lose any gold even when stated that someone raided me 2k , the gold remain at 600k(750k protected) not 598k and I’ve tested this and believe only tavern’s gold are taken

If I recall correctly, jona said always collect tavern gold.

It is more complicated than merely tavern gold though.  I recently took a several day break while on vacation.  I had 1.5m gold to start and when I came back I had 600k.  This implies that somehow some gold was taken from my treasure chamber despite my 750k gold protection.