Guaranteed ninja

I have no idea what a reason to make simply quarantee win in ninja.

what a point of this 32 raids, and of this easy levels? Like 40 in 5600 tiers and like 35 did perfect. It was really too easy for top players.


its REALLY annoying and REALLY hard to get 5600 tier- much more harder then to win 5600.

i dnt like it. Vote for make easy choose tier you want to play, but it would be really hard in max tiers


ideas with  unscroll, or with scroll count( and many scroll mean bann ) for me are good

I think the rewards are great, having lots of people come first isn’t a big issue, there’s pro-league if you want that fix.  Lots of people finish Mario games doesn’t mean that it’s a problem.

Agree on the mess of joining tiers, nothing to do with the player, just the amount of pushes you get (though the top 10 has been like that for years, and nothing done).

Extra battles are to prevent disconnect issues = 100% improvement on my end. 

Tier grinding also royally suck 100% on my end.

making us be able to pick our tier would basically ruin the whole point of trophies. Don’t agree with this at all. Why don’t we just go ahead and get rid of trophies?

Yes, let’s get rid of trophies. It’s not like they mean an awful lot and most people prefer to get rid of them rather than gain them so nobody really wants them.

Not quite defenses are too easy, but ninja is too easy is sort of close!!


one up side to making it easy to get perfect scores, more people are actually trying to get into higher ninja tiers, and making some incentive to go up in trophy,. At least there is one reason not to just dump trophies, though trophy dumpers probably go up to the tier they want quite easily anyway!

Whats wrong with everyone winning ninja? Even if they dont win they gonna buy ninja anyway…the rewards for most 5600 player doesnt make any diff either since they have everything while for lower tier rewards are nice to keep the gap with top paid players…32 attacks is one of th3 best changes beside cof coins removal…plus they already limit revive to 1 time which is fair balance in the end…now if only they could fix PL and war as well hmm hmm…

Exactly, they don’t need the rewards. All they need are the ninjas, if they fail, they simply buy them. Do they need the Ubers? Probably not. Do they need the 15k pearls? No, cause 15k is a joke

I still think ninja event should be more of a dungeon type of deal: short & quick, considerably hard and if you win - you win. 30 raids over three days with only about 5 of these raids being even remotely challenging is way too damn long.

Well if it is too easy, you could go up one tier for a more challenging Experience  :wink:

I need ubers and need pearls. Why not, its like 30 k pearls totall every 2 week. I need like 15 every weak to prolong upgrading and for sure this pearls are good for me



Im talking about 5600 tier. 4900 and 5300 is really joke.

last ninja in 5600 i spended only 6 TW for all islands. Its really stupid.

what a point to make 30 islands if they are boring and easy

the hardest thing is to get 5600- its like unreal if u had hard war before and was stripped

It was meant for Jiggle. No point in going higher when you are already playing on highest tier ?

You need it then fine go get it but why cant others get it as well just cuz they use 32 attack instead of 30 ? Dont understand the need to complaint about something helpful especially when we barely get any good changes in the game…hell we dont even have a proper forum admin/mods anymore!

ninja is joke now?

I know but cromka kinda has a point. Even at a higher tier the majority of the event is a boring waste of time. Unless it’s such a high tier that you can’t even beat early islands but then it’d be impossible to finish the actually challenging ones so that’s kinda pointless.

Oh, and fyi, I did try a higher tier this time. Beat it just fine but it was still hella boring for the most part. It’s kinda dumb that the real challenge of an event is clearing gate towers which means you have to tip-toe throughout the map so that your troops/spells don’t one-shot the gate by accident. They should get rid of gate towers and make the rest of the defenses much stronger instead. At least that’d be more fun (even if in a mindless rampage kind of way :stuck_out_tongue: ).

I agree, ninja event is too easy now and not interesting competiton anymore. And it is about lower tiers too… only one king enough to win most battles in ninja event 


But, there’s a dungeon for that, you can play them again if you want to?  If you want hard battle each week, there’s pro-league.

Ninja is a PvE event with decent rewards that anyone can compete at, and have a chance at first.

Those who are spending the time getting to 5600 in the first place will mega scroll their way to victory anyway, so no surprised most end up in first.

What Cromka wants is to be able to deny rewards to other players to increase the gap to the other players for members of his alliance, that’s the motive, and I understand it, but lets be clear about it :slight_smile:

As a person who never experienced any crashes during important raids, the first ever crash happened to me during last ninja event, so I am personally quite thankfull for additional 2 tries we got. It saved me wasting my time with support team and possibly allowed me to be able to get 1st spot. And I don’t care if others got 1st with 32 tries or not, or whether they used it on re-doing islands where they missed a tower which was kinda their mistake, not a disconnection.

Although, I have never tried top tier (probably if I had a choice I would but since it is trophy based there is no point in trying), I believe a top tier should be actually challenging. I don’t know if it is but if  top players who are often participating there  claim it is too easy, not challenging and boring it should be changed in my honest opinion. 

At this point it looks like it is more challenging to farm trophies (and to get others to drop them on you) and probably staying online for a long time to prevent losing them rather than completing the top tier itself. Though I might me wrong here. I think other top players who often participate in top tier should give their opinion whether it is too easy and too boring, not only Cromka, and not those who once or twice tried that tier because for those it could be indeed challenging if they used to fight in lower tiers.

I kinda wish we could chose tier we want to participate in rather it being trophy based. Top tier should be challenging for any player imo. And we already have scroll/resurrection limit so not like big spenders that are not skilled will be able to win it thanks to gems.