Guardian chest cooldown 8h

IGN: parasite2689


The event started a few minutes ago. But my chest cooldown is still at 8 hours.

I am connected to Facebook and I restarted RR2.


P.s. I was logged in when event started

Sultan is a guardian.

My bad. Guardian chest, that is the one I was talking about. 


Edited topic

Hi Parasite2689,

Did you collect the Guardian chest before the event started? The shortened cooldown times only apply once the event has started.

Maybe if you announced the new event more than 15 minutes ahead of time this kind of thing wouldn’t happen. I mean, the player does have to know that there was a possibility of a Guardian Collector event, but 15 minutes is quite short notice if you ask me

The safest way is to log out then log in the game. Collect the chest only after seeing the in game announcement. my 2 cents