Guardian event, no 40% discount?

Over here prices are the same for chests. Am I missing something or other people have the same?

These are the prices without Discount, just as mentioned in the Wikia chests page:

and these are my current prices:

So, at least to me… There’s no bug, the prices have the 40% discount, just as expected :slight_smile:

true, I was confused because it still says 25% off. Discount is working

Agreed, it could be more visual explicit on the “X% off” badge

Still seems overcosted for guardian chests.

The Guardian boxes are still too expensive.

This event is again only for players who want to spend money in the form of gems.

With the free chest you have 5% more luck (20% instead of 15%), this is a joke.

This is so not true.


Players who pay usually have no patience, because they spend little time in the game and they don’t mind spending money to win.


Free players can actually get equal, or sometimes, even more things than paid players do, IF they play smartly and most importantly, patiently.


For free players to make full use of this event, gather up guardian chests for months. Your patience as a free player will pay off when events like these happen, so you can open them all at once.



In other words:-

  1. Pay to buy those guardian chests if you have no patience to stock them up;




  1. Have lots of patience, don’t open up any guardian chest no matter how tempting it is, until and unless you are in such an event.

i meant the probability +5% is not a big event for free chests, guardian chests x2 is nice
yes if you don’t open chests saves you can get a little more than usual.

If you buy and immediately open you are preferred and get more chance to get up to 50% more guardians than usual.

I found a way to benefit … hoard chests. Free pal and guardian chests don’t expire, but if you open them during an event all improvements apply. I got the Advisor from first time to level four with my unopened chests.  I just started a couple weeks ago so only had 40 chests so next time it will be even better.

i have 42 pal chests hoarder and 2 or 3 a day means the next pal event will be great for my alliance! 

10% more could have been with free chests??