(Guardian) Snipeatron-3000

The Snipeatron-3000 heals nearby mele troops and doubles the range of nearby ranged troops while sniping anything that isn’t slowed down yet, doing minimal frost damage in the process. Its special ability is to fire a cluster of missiles at the farthest target within range. The tradeoff with this machine is that it breaks easily. Then again, you need to put yourself in danger to get the most use out of it. This machine is great for flanking defenses before you can even get to it. It’s also great for keeping yourself out of danger, though it’s difficult to do both at the same time.


Is this too overpowered? I hope it’s not too overpowered. I tried balancing it…

HAHAHA!!!..yeah it s too OP :slight_smile:

Hi there, For now a second robot as a Guardian seems unlikely, but thank you for your idea. ?