Guardians don't benefit from Scream Attack Rate (Hero) stat

For whatever reason. It’s one of the best stats to have on Gloves, but it doesn’t influence your attack speed when using the Hero’s Scream ability while mounted up on a Guardian.

Given that Guardians are rather specific and excel at different things, I find no reason for them not to be affected by this stat. For example, the Sultan Guardian is supposed to be the most effective one against Towers and Obstacles, especially given that its attack damage type is Blunt, so he would benefit tremendously from said Scream Attack Rate (Hero) statistic, but it can’t.

Please fix this.

Hi AzureKnight,

We understand the wish for this, but the Hero Scream should remain specifically for the Hero only. Overall, we think the Guardians are strong already so giving them the power of an additional Hero scream does not feel like the correct thing for us to do atm.

Thanks though!

Hey Madlen,

Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts on the matter. No matter if I agree with the decision or not, it is always the best thing for Devs to just share their opinions on topics, and believe me, it does not go unnoticed. In fact, I like you guys a lot more now that you’ve shared this and have given me your perspective.

Perhaps later in the future, after Guardians have been nerfed some (just assuming it will likely happen at some point), we could arrive at a mid-point road, having the Hero’s Scream influence them by a set percentage % of whatever it normally influences the hero by.

One can hope :).