Guess what needs a nerf :)

Boosted frosters, this is my second raid with them, very easy to clear any base.  I wasn’t aware that ranged bombers had a weakness to ice, every time I bliz them, it does almost no damage.  Boosted frosters take down ogres as fast knights and are not much slower on maxed FB’s than pyro’s.  Check your stats guys, you’re losing business again :slight_smile:


Youtube killed my sound, but like I said, second raid with them.


My attack history has 30 attacks, all knight froster wolf, some people do fail, but most are raiding with their eyes closed, so I can see why they might mess up once or twice.

Flare games are doing everything like a stupid… they are not balancing defence and offense… 1st they overboosted Paladins and now over boosted Froster… everyone with boosted Froster can beat any top bases easily… so did top players spent lots of time and money on their bases for nothing…? If flares can nerf doom gate… frosters need to be nerfed soon… too…

My Alliance has froster boost right now.


Im a crappy raider myself so IDK but the chatter in my Alliance is lots of giggles about the ability to drop top 10 bases with em.


you might be onto something…


Edit: should also point out that most of us choose to lv up pyro before frost so we are 2 days from making then even stonger. and having the fiefs to max the boost makes them even stronger still. so it gunna get worse before it gets better.

Yeah frosters doing what paladins did few days back

Nice video, skint.


Looks like good raiding to me with mildly overpowered Frosters.


We had this discussion before about paladins, and Flare listened to you. Paladins became useless again. I guess that’s alright for a standard elite boost. I didn’t protest after the fact. But if I win a war boost, I want it to help destroy bases with much greater ease than maxed elite paladin, or even knight.


Granted, it’s very hard to see how froster damage can knock out ogres so easily.


I’m not trying to be a contrarian. Sorry if it sounds like that! If it’s so hard to get the elite boosts and maintain them (for the vast majority of us), then to nerf them all to the point where they’re only minimally better or even far less powerful like the paladin makes them far less appealing. I applaud Flare for trying to give us something that works for all levels of gameplay.


I guess the question is, what level of nerf is appropriate? I’d love to hear your thoughts on that. :slight_smile:

They don’t need a nerf! They need BALANCING. If you all keep saying boosted frosters need a nerf, FG will nerf them and leave them useless, and guess what, all the effort to get them would have been in vain.

Besides, it’s not like every player has them, 1/6 of the players have them.

I dont like the idea high level king can all beat top 10 now with OP froster

But this game is not all about high lvl king

Its hard to make it balance for low,mid and high lvl king


Exactly: Balancing is where it’s at, not nerfing. I hear many alliances invested some incredible amount of effort in an attempt to get them. I think for all that effort they should be really, really strong. But what balances them out? That’s so much nicer of a question because it puts so many other pieces into play. If Gargoyle Towers sent out Fire Gargs that deal fire damage, that would be way to one balance the game. It would have players desperately trying to take them out.


Nerfing seems like such a poor option when the game is imbalanced. But Flare can figure it out.


What will balancing give us over more nerfing? Intense strategy. It will force us to put together more complex bases that require so much more thought.

Fair enough, they need balancing.  On the other hand, all the top 10 alliances that have it basically had a cake season to get them.  So, the idea of hard work there is a little irrelevant to me.  Btw, woke up to 35 attacks this morning, all but 2 were knight froster wolf.  And if you couldn’t see that Paladins were grossly out of whack, then I’m not sure that you’ll see that frosters are as well.  If you look at any of the top 25 players right now, that will be the only spell combo, just as Paladins (substitute whatever you like here) and wolves were a week and half ago.

Hey :slight_smile:


Thanks for sharing your concerns!

We will have a look at it :grinning:

It seems that frosters are overpowered compared to the defences we can currently deploy. I am all for opening the game up, the problem we have is many kings above lvl 90 or so with them can take down maxed bases. Currently (because flare made it so) we have a huge glut of kings in the 90-105 range, all with very little difference in worthwhile king stats as the stats sort of level out at about lvl 95 or so. I think the balance of the game is what is wrong, not just one or other troop. High level players should be attacking other high level players, with maxed bases etc, mid level shouldn’t be able to drop their bases with such ease or it makes the idea of upgrading both your base and your king irrelevant.


When we started this game there was a challenge to it, a strong base at that time would withstand all but a high level or very adept king, now the balance is so far out of skew that a single troop boost can make a mediocre player into a strong player overnight with no gained skills. I’m not saying there is an answer to this, it may well be the way the game is destined to go, but with current trophy losses based on the attacking kings leaderboard points, many at the top are being trophy hunted by weak kings that can take 10+ trophies for a failed raid which has mainly enhanced by their ability to use an overpowered boosted troop.

Why dont u just enjoy the game? If ice dragons are too strong, just build more grago towers lvl 10, bye bye my dragon, was fun playing with u, thx alot SKINT for destroying the fun…

To be honest, it seems like every time they add something new that lots of players starts using, you’ll complain about it. So everybody must use same old unit combos (Knight, Archer, Mummy, Wolf, Ogre…), cause if a different combo can beat top bases you’ll come here and ask for a need --’ And this game is not only about top 10 alliances, my alliance worked really really hard to get Dragofroster.

BTW, guess what needs a buff?

Gargoyle towers that don’t have max level boost yet!

My gargoyle towers shoot only 2 gargoyles at a time.

(I don’t remember the level of the boost, my alliance has ~40 fiefdoms)


David RL didn’t and don’t have dragons, so they might find a high garg base tough, this post is about the dragons making bases and raiding too easy, 10 Max gargs or not.


This is super clear thinking. I loved reading every part of it. The early going of this game make so much sense. The higher levels, however, don’t. A steadily and wisely upgraded base from a lvl 95 king should be much stronger than lvl 90 one and lvl 100 one should be near impossible for a lvl 90 one, given how long it takes to reach lvl 100.


Here are the problems:

  1. Towers/waves/gate/troops have a max level. Once a base is maxed, that’s it. No more strength. None of these things are tied to king level. So a max elite dragofroster is the same strength for any king at any level. One way to change this is by offering a 'King level bonus" so every troop is somewhat tied to king level. In this way, an ‘overpowered’ Froster for a lvl 90 king can’t as easily beat a lvl 100 king base.
  2. King strength is not radically different from lvl 90 to 100, even though getting to lvl 100 from lvl 90 takes far longer than getting to lvl 90 from lvl 80. One way to change this is to ramp up the stats more sharply towards the high end, so that an attacking king is compensated for the above “King level bonus”.
  3. War season makes getting overpowered boosts easy. Greater effort doesn’t lead to greater effect. The war boosts rely on randomness due to the way alliances are chosen for wars. Some get boosts way too easily, going against random ‘cupcakes’ as we say in the USA. Many alliances may never have to really work for their boosts–they only have to be a bit stronger than the rest. It cheapens who actually gets these ‘overpowered’ boosts. If getting them took more than just other alliances annihilating each other during a war season, we’d all be glad to have something overpowered. But instead, the way we get these war boosts make us go against our instincts and say that we do NOT want something super strong. That’s horrible: the game world isn’t supposed to work that way. If you worked hard to be a true championship contender and it inspired Lionel Messi to sign on to your football team, you wouldn’t want someone on the opposing team to say, “He’s overpowered! Nerf him!”
  4. Low reliance on strategy. The game doesn’t have enough pieces to say, “You want to use dragofrosters against me? Then watch out because I have X, Y, and Z cleverly set up to beat you!” Right now, the only strategy pieces are choke points, u-turns, wave composition, and path overlap, and the lack of differentiation between bases nullifies all of those since they become highly predictable. The game requires little strategy and relies on brute force for player advancement. If a player could make a Garg Tower Alley, a Skull Tower Alley, and a Firebolt Alley, and a Poison Alley that would change things heavily. But the short path and limited strategy pieces make everything less about thought and more about brute force. Therefore, any player with brute force (dragofrosters) can win, regardless of level.

I admire skint for helping to make those of us with high-level bases more impenetrable. But if we ask for nerfing, you’ll only get nerfing. You won’t get something worthwhile, and the game won’t be anywhere near as satisfying.

Hi drum, flare allready nerf the ice dragon, now he cant destroy towers over the other side of the path

And he shouldn’t be able to destroy the towers on the OTHER side of the path.  The path dragon is supposed to take is with the hero unless he’s not near anything, at which point he would randomly attack.  A well executed dragon attack would happen near the U so you can clear both the other side as you’re approaching going up that lane.  There haven’t been any server updates, so you’re likely imaging this.  It’s an update the dev’s will likely consider after the weekend.  Considering how much I’m getting raided among others, they will likely do something about it.  I reported the Paladin bug cause it was cheapening the game, believe it or not, I would have reported this too if we had won.


I’m sorry if I’m ruining the game for you, but I’m trying to make it somewhat fair for the other 83.3% of the population who do not have it.  So raid away throughout the weekend :slight_smile: