(Guide) Making a New Alliance. Get Started with these Tips.

Alliance Tips and Tricks

Many people asked me how to gain members for a newly made alliance and how to progress at a very high rate.

I have gained much experience by staying in different Alliances and not, I will share all tips for people who want to get members for an alliance.

These tips will surely work for all but need determination and patience.

Let’s get started with tips.

  • Choose a good alliance name (may be related to leader or some movie) A name that everyone wants to have below his name.
  • Choose a good logo that suits the name.
  • Alliance message should be friendly don’t use abuse words or words which may make the game more like a job.
  • The leader should have the maximum total donation and also the maximum trophies.
  • If the leader have maximum level too, your alliance can become a good one.
  • The toughest thing is getting members for an alliance. I will show how to get members here.


Getting members for an Alliance.

  1. Getting members is the toughest thing for a leader.
  2. But, all the alliances I make have max players all time. Let me show you how?
  3. First use the above tips to make a good looking alliance.
  4. If your alliance is low level about -15 level, then go to global leaderboard. Select 500-1000 trophies and donation above 5000, who accept invites, CURRENTLY NOT IN AN ALLIANCE (They have maximum chance to join your alliance) and CURRENTLY ONLINE (To get immediate action from them). You will get most players who can join your alliance here (On a low level).
  5. If your alliance is slowly reaching levels, then slowly increase trophies and donation.
  6. If there is a lack of participation and active players, try this…
  7. Kick out players who are offline from 3 days. Everyone, don’t show any mercy.
  8. Ask for daily donation and help in need, when asked for troops.
  9. After kicking out players, fill your alliance with active players again.
  10. When, starting an alliance, all people with maximum or good donation, trophies and levels should be generals.
  11. More people in your alliance makes a chance of good players above level 85 to join your low level alliance.
  12. Keep patience. You must waste at least a week for making a strong alliance.
  13. Be friendly, donate troops to everyone. Don’t show discrimination.
  14. You must use some gems for donation, donating troops so collect gems before starting an alliance. (You must have at least 500).
  15. Never activate any permanent boost before you reach alliance level 20. Stay happy with boosts you get from level up.

I hope you all will love these tricks and surely, these will help you in making a strong alliance.

For further questions, reply to this topic or personal message me in forums or in game. I will be always ready to help you. IGN: King Aditya Kumar.


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