Guide on how to get lots of free pearls!

Hey guys, don’t think I posted this here but here is a simple way to get a LOT of free pearls



As you can see we got well over 1000 pearls in this video all 100% free, without paying anything.



For those that didn’t watch the video here is short text notes on how to do this.


  1.  Save up your magic chests until some are about to expire.

  2.  Fill up your treasure chamber to MAX gold

  3. fill up your silo to max bread…this doesn’t have to be full but it helps. If you don’t fill it up you will get bread in your treasure chests until your silo is filled.

  4. Open up chests and get nothing but lots of pearls and occasionally HERO gear and very rarely gems

  5.  Melt down the hero gear you got to get additional pearls



  1. Attacking other players with your highest possible luck gear (also gold gear and food gear could be fine, however, in the last case, you should need more fights).

  2. Participating at war seasons, ninja/zombie/yeti events, festivals and Pro League seasons.

  3. Buying items at Granny if your Chamber of Treasure is full and later melting down them.

  4. Watching advertisements in bottom right corner of “daily rewards” if your Sylos and your Chamber of Treasure are full.

  5. When you are opening chests, melting down items as long as you have free blacksmith slots.

  6. Do not open chests if you haven’t free blacksmith slots.

  7. Speeding-up farms, taverns and blacksmith.


unlocked all slots from blacksmith and attack low players with luck gears and follow 1 to 7 roads from REVOLTROYAL