Guide on Obstacles: Barricade, Blockade, Spikes and Tips!

Guide on Obstacles: Barricade, Blockade, Spikes and Tips!


As most of us know obstacles concurrently with towers to protect our precious bases, but most important is that sometimes they can directly being the main subjects of your base if you have them positioned well and also upgraded in an even better way!   We are going to examine what are the best obstacles to use and best way to place them because it never hurts go back to the past!   First of all, different type of base designs allow hundreds of combinations for your obstacles, but there are  main rules that a player must follow in each type of base and we will take a close look after a nice introduction of all those three types of obstacles.    

What we will learn today:


  • Barricade and Tough Barricade are weak to fire and blunt damage so use the appropriate troops and spells that have these damages. Click here for more information;
  • Blockades are weak to blunt and ice damage so use also here the appropriate troops and spells. Click here for more information;
  • Spikes can be destroyed only by some troops (Paladin, Cannon, Ogre) but also by few Elite Boosts (Elite Knights, and only from the AOE of Power Archers with their blunt damage), but you will discover also the easiest way to position them reading here;
  • Place obstacles in a way that king is not able to hit lot of barricades/blockades/spikes in a row, especially he has not to be able to hit obstacles on the other side of path. Here you will find what you need.
  • Tips for low, mid, high levels gameplay you can find them here.



Barricade is the first obstacle you will unlock but it will be also the last obstacle you will leave in your base since thanks to its high health for its numerous levels it will give very dangerous moments to your king and your troops giving time to other things (opponent’s towers, enemies’ troops) to fight against you!


It is also the cheapest obstacle you can build even if it has lot of levels, so a good tip is upgrade it always as soon as you have gold because it will be helpful one day a little further!


Currently thanks to the introduction of its Elite Boost (Tough Barricade, that give lot of plus health and also more resistance to fire) it becomes the most used obstacle in all players bases and who shall not have the right arsenal to break down many of these Tough Barricades is better that you gain it !


The simple way to destroy a Barricade or a Tough Barricade is let your troops the time to destroy it because hardly the Hero will be able to destroy it in time, and sometimes also not all troops can do it (an example is Froster that avoid completely them) or the right ability to do it, so you have to choose with attention, which type of troops to use to do a raid. The tip I suggest is “ use troops with   fire damage or blunt damage due to its weakness”.


Fire Damage is used by only Elite KnightsPyromancers, so if you have them in your troops setup and you are facing lot of barricades or tough barricades, do not worry because they will surely destroy them in few seconds.


For the Blunt Damage you have lot of troops that can kill them: PaladinsCannonsOgreGargoyles but also Power Archer (elite boosted) and at least Storm Cannon (that will have more fire rate but also more blunt damage). You are spoiled for choice, so what are you waiting for?


About spells you can use Hammerstrike (blunt damage), Firestorm (fire damage), Blizzard (ice damage, but since barricade is resistant to ice, you will have to cast the spell more time, depending on its level upgrade), Bladestorm (normal damage but very deadly against normal barricades) and Sonic Blast (good enough also at the max of its power to be used for any kind of risk).


For your Hero, do not forget: wear the right secondary stats in your equipment as fire or blunt damage to deal little more damage and destroy them a bit faster!


We have seen that Barricade is an easy prey if you know its weakness but also it can reveal a tough element thanks to its high health and fire resistance, so from now, be careful and start well equipped!



Although blockade (max health over 18000 HP) is disadvantaged versus max Tough Barricade (which health can reach over 28000 HP) it shouldn’t be underestimated, indeed, sometimes blockade can make you lose more time than a Tough Barricade because of its little different type of weakness!


**           **




Its weakness is Ice but also Blunt damage, so if you try to run in a base with wrong troops or spells like with Barricade, you will surely lose time than what you think, so the essential thing is hold on your exact skills !


For troops use FrostersElite Arblasters that have ice damage; otherwise Power Archer, Cannon, Elite Cannon, Ogre and Gargoyle about blunt damage. If you use these troops, you will surely lose less time than using different inadequate troops and more important arrive in time at Castle Gate.


About spells the usual Hammerstrike, Bladestorm, Sonic Blast, Blizzard are perfect to take down them very fast (sometimes also in 1 hit if you have them at high levels, but depending also on the levels of the opposite obstacle level).


However if you don’t have enough Tough Barricades in your base, you can balance with two barricades in a row and a third blockade immediately next. The opposite king that have already lose time to destroy the first 2 strong obstacles (most probably with the strongest spell he has), he will have also to lose further time to destroy the strong blockade in front of him due to its different type of weakness !



Tremendous is its high damage if it is at very high level but even more deadly is when it has boosted becoming Frost Trap (+ health and + slowdown effect and ice damage when troops or king pass over it).

Spike must be used cleverly otherwise it is only a waste of space in your path and in this case is better put barricade or blockade if you don’t know where put it. Nevertheless, there are four easy ways to put it correctly without so much problems:

  1. The most common method to use spike is put it before a barricade/blockade: in this way, the king or troops will have to behave in a different way than only cast spell attack and go straight. They will have to pay attention of its level (dark-grey is high level upgrade, light-grey is very low level upgrade) first of all and then destroy it if it doesn’t want to receive damage, but doing that you waste double time, so it’s like you meet a barricade/obstacles when you see a spike!

But since if you want to destroy the barricade you have to pass over the spike you will receive surely damage and you will lose also time for it (if it’s Frost Trap you have to be careful on not pass over it otherwise its power of slowness can make you lose precious seconds, and maybe you can’t reach in time the castle gate if there are lot of these frost traps that slowdown you).



  1. Another way is to alternate barricade with spike in this way it’s not like a fast run where you can cast spells and troops without receive damages, but you will have to stop every time cause of their damage (also here if you don’t want to being hit every time).


  1. An alternative way is to put spike in the corners of your path, usually the corners are the place where king lose more time (either because there are lot of towers there or because obstacles block you) in this case is welcome Spike or Frost Trap!


Therefore, spikes are not as useless as many could think because they do not see them in lot of bases players but you need only to find them a good place to stay!

Strategy Setup for Obstacles:


If your base has lot of connected paths (connected path is where the path passes near another path in a way that enemies troops can hit you from the other side but you can’t because of your low range attacks of spells)



Therefore, never do like this when you have to place obstacles:



Because the king can destroy the obstacles that are also on the other side and this is not good for you because you have just wasted your obstacles slots positioning them in this method.

However, if you are intentioned to build a base design where all path have connections, you should put your obstacles like this:



As you can see from the picture all obstacles are at left and not on the other side (red zone) to avoid that king destroy them with only one spell.

In this way, you do not waste your obstacles, but you make lose time to the king since he will meet every few meters another barricade/blockade/spike to destroy.

Currently a defence layout based only on Tough Barricades make lot of advantages for your base, but a mix with also the others, (following those simple rules wrote before) can come out with new methods of raids !

In addition, if you do not have them boosted, join an Alliance and enjoy freely their power!

Some tips for low, mid and high players !

Low players:

  1. Unlock Barricade as soon as possible and upgrade them every time, so you will not lose time in the future to strengthen them.
  2. Use Blockade only if your alliance doesn’t have Tough Barricade activated, but look always at the gap of health between blockade and barricade.
  3. Unlock Spikes but do not pay so much attention for now because at these low levels of gameplay they aren’t so much useful.

Mid players:

  1. At mid-levels gameplay many Barricades should prevail in your base, but start since now to upgrade also few blockades and few spikes because they will return useful then.
  2. A good distance of one path between one barricade/blockade to another is good to waste time to the enemy king.

High players:

  1. A good mix of Tough Barricades and Frost Traps is the best move, but also because it can put a strain on the ability of the players.

The rest of tips you will discover only with experience in game so I don’t want to spoiler too much.

Hope this guide helps or revise some new or old things for all types of players with regards,