Guild dungeons?

Ok, so a friend of mine had a crazy idea. What if there were alliance dungeons?

They would unlock new monsters for guild members, maybe even there would be equipment dungeons and gem dungeons. Possibly they would unlock elite boosts that individual members activate for themselves, without paying $$$.

So, what do you guys think? They would probably be much more difficult than normal dungeons, as only one person per guild had to beat it. Maybe only the generals and the l.leaders could attempt to beat them.

I would like see all guild beat a big dungeon according to how many members they have and according to their power set the difficult of the dungeon ! 

I think setting the difficulty is harder than you think… but then they could just take the upper 1/3 's random match and copy someone’s base out of there without telling anybody. Nobody would ever know because the name of the owner would not be included.