Guild Player Level Min/Max

Here’s my suggestion…May have been mentioned before

Allow the Guild Leader/Generals who can manage the guild to set Level Min/Max for Open or Application Recruiting.

For example:

When managing controls like “Open or Apply” it can be layered to set the guild’s requirement.

  1. Variable = Open Enrollment can be set to a player minimum (45+ Only)…All others are “Application Only” (Less Than)

  2. Lock it down = Application Only (All, 20+, 30+, 40+, etc…) or Open (Same Settings)

  3. Range Options =  Application = (30 - 45)

Open = (45<) .

This type of setting blocks anyone who is less than 30 from attempting to join. Also…if their level does not meet the the requirement set by the guild, the “Join” or “Apply” button cannot be clicked (greyed out).

  1. Basic = You can forego any of those min/max/range settings, and just make the guild any level but “Open” or “Apply”.

Also… Leader/Generals can invite any level at any time…not set to the same standards or settings determined for joining or applying.

That said…Some guilds are serious, some middle of the road, and some frankly don’t care…but with controls like above, you could offer more flexibility to guilds controlling their goals. It’s not discluding anyone from playing the game. But it would offer another layer of absolution for guilds who dare to be more competitive during War Season and building their ideal group…and on their terms. Heck…anyone can start up a new guild if they want “whatevers”…but for established guilds…this might be a nice tool…Thanks for your consideration!! :slight_smile: