Guild Rankng

Dear Dev,

At the moment, there’s no real incentive to top the guilds’ ranking so I’m hoping that FG can look into addressing this aspect.

Most games that I had played in reward the top 3 alliances with certain benefits or rewards weekly so there’s an added incentive to complete for the converted rankings as well as stay there week after week.

At the moment, one do not need to be in a top 3 alliance as any alliance with players who had money to burn can easily bump their alliance’s level to 45 and keep up the blessings 24/7. So the question is how can the players be motivated to push their guild’s rankings?

A simple straight forward will be an introduction of benefits based on the top 3 rankings. It could be;

  1. Chest rewards: 1st placed guild’s members get 5 godlike chests, 2nd placed 3 godlike chests & 3rd placed get 1 godlike chest weekly.

  2. Unique blessings: 1st placed get 3 blessings, 2nd placed get 2 blessings and 3rd placed 1 blessings. These blessings must be unique from the current blessings (inclusive of war blessings), maybe have trebs, medusa and griffin blessings??? And of course these blessings will be active-able for 1 week max so irregardless of whether one’s guild rankings changes during the week, only the 1st placed guild will get to activate these 3 unique blessings come the next reset.

  3. Unique heroes: Maybe a bit far-fetched. But maybe members of the 1st placed can get 3 unique heroes to help them for a week, 2nd placed 2 hero, and 3rd placed 1 hero. And the members can only have access to these heroes if they have unlocked lvl 19 prestige on top of their alliance’s rankings. These unique heroes cannot be used for war but the players will be glad to have more heroes to occupy more islands for the week. 

These are just my suggestions, should anyone have better suggestions. Feel free to contribute!

It definitely ruin the game balancing I don’t think it’s a good idea

Jeez. No need to spam a identical reply thrice?

The benefits can be either a one off reward of chests or a week long blessing / time-use hero or etc. 

Point is most alliances are too comfortable with their current lot / standing as there’s nothing to fight for. 

If your alliance does not make the effort to complete in the rankings, your alliance does not deserve any rewards or benefits for staying stagnant at 10th placing anyways.

To add on, please note that my suggestion does not seek to give the top 3 alliances an unfair advantage over the rest on a silver platter. 

Chests are shet tbh, one need to be real lucky to get something really good out of even godlike chests. So tbh, what’s 5, 3 or even 1 free godlike chest per week??? Needless to say, this is the worst benefit among my 3 suggestions but if the worst circumstances, something is better than nothing…

The blessings required upkeep and my suggestion means more blessings for the top 3 alliances to keep up which is something (as a matter of fact) not many alliances are able to afford to do so. But heck, it is up to the top 3 alliances whether they want to spend more on these unique blessings which are only available due to their alliances’ rankings.

The heroes suggestion will require personal attainment on top of alliances’ ranking. I’m sure that not many players have a 3rd hero activated for their guild war as of now as not many are willing to spend on decorations for prestige level 19. This agains, boil down to the players whether they are willing to up their prestige levels to be able to use these unique heroes should their alliance managed to break into the top 3 and have these bonus heroes made available in the same manner like Zeus and Hades. 

Hey i think that the chest idea is good but i also think that this should implemented as something to help more alliances. So maybe 2 godlike chests for top 3, a godlike chest for top 10, top 50 gets the next highest chest, etc. So that way more alliances are included in this but they will also have more incentive to keep growing 

Hey Drizzt,

We are already discussing some ideas about how to reward top players or Alliances, although there are other priorities at the moment, we have something like this on our radar, so keep an eye out and thanks for the feedback.