Hello guys, i want your help.

I am in a league (platinum) and i am the higgest lvl of then all. The problem is this hacker low level.

You see, i am lv 63 and he was 30 yesterday, now its 40. But the problem is when i reach the number of medals to equal theirs, he add another 5k medals. Its impossible to do this in their current lvl.

His name is hidden, please do something about. In one hour a guy cant get 5k medals.


Probably not fair to call a guy a cheat on that evidence, it is very possible to get well over 5k medals in an hour, even well over 20k. If he is scrolling on high bases he will manage it … and the subsequent levelling of his king.

From my experience i can tell you, that it’s totally possible to get from 30 to 40 in one day, with no sweat :grinning:

As a level ~35 i raided a high level open base (~90, don’t remember exactly) and got TWO levelups after one raid :wink:

You are missing the point, its possible, yes, but no in his lvl. He dont have silo or food prduction to do so.

He can buy food, many do

At level 30-40, you earn at most 400 medals/base using matchmaker. Thus he has to fight about 13 raids and win them all to get 5200 medals. It takes 3 minutes per raid. 3 x 13 = 39 minutes. Using scrolls, he wins them all. A full silo and vouchers gets him 13 raids easy. Not impossible.

He is overboosted, yes.

You are right, he can’t produce so much food. But he can be a big spender of cash and can buy food.

So, not necessarily a cheater.

His too fast leveling is another evidence of heavy cash spending.

And he can have Android or iOS :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry Ed, couldn’t resist :wink:

You too Brut? :slight_smile:

Where mere mortals already would have been fallen, Ed is still standing strong. I’m not worried about him surviving this :wink:

And he will come out on top, when the moon falls into the sun, christmas and easter fall on the same day, flare implements ads for windows users … :stuck_out_tongue:


There you have another cash milking cow for FG.

After version 2.0 i started to watch ads regularly for the chests and some farm boosts. Didn’t do that before for 4k gold raids … So i guess there is a profit for them (Android).

I don’t know why they used the word “hopefully”. Obviously they want to have a way out?! Now it comes down to a chance for it to happen. Is it 50/50? I don’t know. But those hoping to get ads for windows should treat it that way … don’t have too high hopes.

As a developer, you should know that “hopefully” means, nuh uh, that won’t happen, but we don’t want to kill your dreams, so keep on dreaming… It’s like developer 101, did you skip the lesson?