HagenhiemAlliance: Players needed!!! + New Discord chat hub

We are HagenhiemAlliance !!!

[RR2 Alliance.PNG](RR2 Alliance.PNG “Enlarge image”)


!!!We Have A Chat Hub On DISCORD!!!  (more on this at the bottom!!!)

Alliance Name: HagenhiemAlliance

Alliance Level : 9
We are currently comprised of 5 members, have room for 10 more! 

Requirements :  

  • Minimum donation: 20k  
  • I recruit players over 400 trophies
  • Please be Hero level: 20 and above  
  • Throne Room Level: 4 and above
  • Please be on many times a week

!!!Inactive players will be kicked!!!


  • I don’t have any gifts… But I will promote the first person who donates four times a week to a General. 


  • No profanity or bad words. 
  • ONE violation and your out!!! 
  • Donate at least 2 times a week (more is appreciated) 
  • Be online at least three times a week and contribute. 



If you wish to join, I just created a public Discord chat called Royal Revolt 2

Here is the invite Link:


Instructions :

if you have never used discord, it is a free, easy to download gaming/chat hub. 


once you download, click add server and click join and then just past the link in the box!

Hope to see you soon!


[RR2 Alliance.PNG](RR2 Alliance.PNG