Half a year with you guys :D

Hello hello, dis is me. CM speaking.

I am here half a year now with you guys and I just wanted to say THANK YOU for being an awesome community.

I brought sweets to the office today, I can’t send you the real deal but here is a virtual donut for each and every one of you. ?


Thank you for all that you’ve done for us in this past half year Madlen! You’ve always been communicating with us, which is very important! Keep up your awesome work!

Btw, those donuts look unbelievable! ?


Not planning on shutting up soon :wink:

This is what American Donuts all look like. Piled high with a crumbled version of a candy bar, or gummy bears. Overall it’s just the most healthy snack you can have lol


Wow, that looks really tasty!

Those are what we call “Bolas de Berlim” in Portuguese, or how you say there: “Berliner” (according to google lol).

Ok now seriously:

It’s never too late to be grateful for the work you’ve been doing so far and I’ll say it again. Thank you!

Awesome job on managing the forums everyday!

Oh and thanks for putting up with my non-stop questions about the wikia :wink:

I know it’s kinda annoying sometimes, but… Well, I’ll keep nitpicking anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

Keep it up guuuurl!

tenor (2).gif

Ahhahaha that is so cool you call them like that! :wink:

You are welcome! :slight_smile:

Yes, we have these as well! I love raspberry filled donuts! 

Of course, to even it out, we Americans have a few secondary powdered sugar topped donut options…it’s filled with white creme, boston creme, or chocolate creme. All are good, but nothing beats the refreshing flavor of raspberry jam

Okay all this talk about sweets is making me hungry ahhh :wink:

Okay, to make you not hungry any longer by ruining your appetite, I will share this picture of a broccoli donut. It doesn’t look that bad to be honest, kinda like a fried round of broccoli and cheese


broccoli donut ??? no thanks! too healthy ?

@Madlen :

i can only say i’m glad to have you here, i know you can’t bring all wishes ingame but you had an ear for us and the problems of the community.

Half a year? … and I feel more heard than all year before  ? ? ? 

Thank you for being there!  Maybe tonight I’ll play with monks and dring a "Äppelwoi " (german wine made of apple) ?

cheers & health

No kidding, I don’t like broccoli by itself lol…but, I’ll eat a broccoli if I get a donut afterwards. Never will I ever eat a broccoli donut though lol

I created my ign 2 years ago, but I logged into this game for the first time 1 week before (and another week before, I brought my laptop from the technician to install the official version of Windows 10).

Best 6 months I’ve seen in this forum yet. And the general mood is no longer as dark and negative as it was previously. 

Flare dropped this ticking time bomb on your hands and you turned things around. Congrats. 

Looking forward to the next 6 months. ?

Wheres the Bacon filled Donuts at?

Mmmm, Bacon Maple Donuts are awesome, yum!


Nah Canadian Donuts are the best lol :wink:

I remember the time i was young and eating this so many time.

There’s a Louis CK’s joke in there somewhere ^_^

in germany we eat more “Berliner” … mostly at “Fasching” that’s a kind of kanevall, and a poor people get one with mustard inside (very funny)